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Best Weather Apps for Android – October 2015

| 7 March 2016 |

Weather apps for Android are an inseparable part the applications users will install when setting up their Android device. While there is a default weather forecast app on Android devices, there are so many more weather applications on the Play Store with better graphics and more features. The current weather forecast, the coming days forecast, auto locate, weather radar and widgets are some of the features users expect to find in weather forecast apps for Android.

In this AW Center article, we introduce to you the 5 best weather apps for Android which are strongly recommended to be replaced with your default weather forecast application:

Weather 360


Weather 360 managed to get the attention of many users as it launched due to its great features such as: Material design, weather animations, weather radar, auto locate (it follows your location to provide your with the real time weather forecast based on your location) detailed weather forecasts and home screen widgets with ultimate customization options. Since Weather 360 supports 3 different weather providers, it delivers an accurate weather forecast.

01-Best Weather Apps for Android-Weather360


1Weather is simply one of the best Android weather apps and widgets you can have on your Android device. The simple UI along with features like the Severe Weather Alerts (only for the U.S.), home screen widgets, Android Wear support and of course the weather forecast have made a perfect package for a weather app for Android.


Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is all about simplicity and beauty and it also packs any essential feature you expect from a weather forecast application. What we like most about the Yahoo Weather is indeed its Flickr support which shows a real image of your current location when reviewing the weather information.


Transparent clock & weather

So, if you are more of a widget-lover user and want to get all the weather forecast data right from the home screen, maybe this weather app is your perfect match. The background changes as the time and weather condition changes, and you also get to share the weather forecast.


MyRadar Weather Radar

While the Weather360 and 1Weather offers the weather radar feature, MyRadar is focusing on this feature more and using this weather app you get to enjoy the animated weather radar around your current location with the option to pinch or zoom on the map.


So, the decision is all yours. What would you choose as your default weather forecast app? What would you add to the list of best weather apps for Android?