As time goes on, the world is becoming more and more digital. A lot of everyday things are turning into digital activities that are completed on our many different devices. Reading is one of those activities. While there is nothing quite like the smell of a new book, having the ability to read your favorite novel on a digital device on the go is just amazing for many people. Whether you have an Amazon Kindle or an Android tablet that you carry to work with you, having some nice e-book reader apps installed can make your commute a lot more interesting.

Commuting is not the only scenario in which e-book readers help out, though. You can use them in any situation. The biggest benefit you’ll get from reading on a digital divide is that you can store potentially thousands of books on just one device and will never have to worry about buying a new shelf or letting your favorite titles go. If you’re sold on the idea of giving e-books a try and want to experiment with this on your Android tablet, then you need to know about the best reader apps that are on the Google Play store.

10 Best Ebook Reader Apps

Aldiko Book Reader
This is one of the older apps that have been helping people read for many years. It is a simply designed app where you’re greeted with your ‘library’ of books presented on a nice bookshelf. Aldiko Book Reader supports many different formats like EPUB, Adobe DRM, and PDF. You’ll get customization options in this one and also get a global text search feature inside your books.

Amazon Kindle
One of the most popular reader apps is Amazon Kindle. It includes one of the largest stores you’ll find online. Whether you wish to find a new release or immerse yourself in To Kill a Mockingbird, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this store. Reading a book in this app is very comfortable, even if there are ads in the rest of the interface. All in all, if you have to write an essay about To Kill a Mockingbird or some other classic, then using Amazon Kindle’s store is a good way to get your hands on a digital copy of the book.

Foxit PDF Reader
Foxit PDF Reader may not support e-book formats like EPUB, but it is a very powerful and feature-rich PDF reader app. If you have a book in PDF format, then using this app will give you a very good reading experience while also offering annotation tools so you can make notes.

Google Play Books
Google Play Books is also a great way to consume digital titles on your Android devices. Other than being a place to read books, it’s also a store where you can buy books and magazines. This makes it a strong competitor to Amazon Kindle. Some interesting features include the ability to upload your books to the cloud, book rentals for limited periods of time, and a Rapid Skim Mode.

Kobo Books
If you’re looking for a very simple and clean-looking reader, then Kobo Books is a good app to choose. It offers cross-device syncing and a Night Mode if you like reading at night to keep your eyes safe. You can buy books from the online st ore and download them for offline use too.

Nook is yet another online bookstore that competes with Kindle, Google Play Books, and Kobo. Nook comes from the famous store Barnes&Noble and offers a large library to choose from. It offers many customized options, and you can read not only books but also manga and comics on it. It also comes with cross-device syncing, like many other reader apps, so you can read wherever you are and whichever device you have with you.

This is a really cool reader app because you can actually get connected to your local library and then borrow titles from there for free! It’s like a virtual library where you can read whatever you like as long as it’s available. Overall, OverDrive is a simple app, and it doesn’t come with many features for power users.

10 Best E-Book Reader Apps for Android

PocketBook Reader
One of the few completely free e-book readers on the Google Play Store, PocketBook Reader makes reading a fun activity. It offers support for many formats and also allows you to read comics. Other features support the ability to highlight text and make notes, lock the screen’s orientation while reading, and more. It’s a simple app that has been around for many years, and for good reason.

Prestigio Book Reader
One of the best Android apps in this category, Prestigio supports more than 25 languages and has 50,000 titles that you can download. The app also provides cross-device syncing as well as text-to-speech functionality. The UI is nice, there are many customization options, and a Night Mode too. Overall, this app offers a very good reading experience.

One of the cleanest-looking apps, ReadEra combines support for all the e-book formats you could think of with cool features to make your favorite pastime even better. One very interesting feature of the app, other than its support from the rare CHM format, is that you can read two documents or books at the same time in a split-screen layout. If you have an Android tablet, then using this feature could help you read your favorite novel on one side and take notes on the other.

Reading is something that countless people do every single day, all around the world. Having the possibility to do this on the go has led to many people read more often. It’s not always possible to carry one or two books with you at all times, especially when you’re out and about. In these kinds of situations, having your favorite titles right at your fingertips is pretty amazing. Whether you want to read on your phone or wish to utilize your Android tablet for more than watching Netflix, having the best e-book reader installed on your device can go a long way in spending your time in a more productive way.