In this AW Center article, we introduce 10 Galaxy Note 3 tip and tricks to help you get the most of your Phablet. We try to avoid the obvious and show you some real handy Note 3 tip and tricks. Since we called, too many features, as one of the Cons of Galaxy Note 3, then this article is trying to let you master the phablet by discovering some hidden features. So, let's start:

1. How to Take Screenshot on Galaxy Note 3
The first Galaxy Note 3 tips and tricks, shows you 4 ways to capture the screen:

i. Hold Power and Home button at the same time and wait to capture the screen
ii. Detach the S Pen, touch the screen with the S Pen while holding the S Pen button, wait to capture the screen
iii. Detach the S Pen,touch the screen with the S Pen, now draw the area you want to capture, release the button to capture the screen
iv. Swipe the side of your hand from right to left (or left to right) to capture the screen. Follow this path to make sure the option is enabled: Settings > Controls > Palm Motion > Capture screen

** By default you can only edit the captured screen on the go, if you use method 2 or 3. If you want to be able to edit screen after capturing it via other methods, make sure Edit after screen capture is enabled (You may find this option by going to Settings > Device > Display)


2. How to Search Through Settings on Galaxy Note 3
When we noticed about such feature, we were really pleased, because it is indeed helpful. This feature lets you search through the entire settings (including the descriptions and the name of settings) and for example if you want to know how to work with your device while wearing gloves, you just need to search for gloves. To start searching, open Settings and use the Search Box on the top bar.


3. How to Enable One Hand Operation on Galaxy Note 3
Sometimes the screen size of Galaxy Note 3 is really to big to work with one hand and you just need to hold it with one hand and work with the other one. But the One-handed Operation on Galaxy Note 3 has had many improvements and it really is useful when enabled. Go to Settings and then Controls, then tap One-handed operation to customize this option. Here are the available options and you can enable either of them, based on your needs:

i. Use for all screens: Adjust the scale and postilion of all screens by swiping the edge of the screen
ii. Keypad and in-call buttons
iii. Samsung Keyboard
iv. Calculator
v. Unlock Pattern

You can change the position of the keyboard from right to left, by tapping the arrow key on the keyboard (shown on the screen shot below)

4. How to Use Voice Controls on Galaxy Note 3
If you don't like using S Voice or Google Now for communication with your device via your voice, you have still the ability to do some tasks and operations via your voice. Go to Settings > Controls > Voice Control. As you can see, you can Answer/Reject incoming calls, Stop/Snooze Alarm, Take Pictures, or Control the music player. To use either of the features, you should mark the corresponding option
For example to take pictures you just need to say 'Shoot' or or to pause the playing music you just need to say 'Pause'.


5. How to Use Wake Up Commands on Galaxy Note 3
Wake-up commands are another voice control feature of Galaxy Note 3 which is activated if only your device is locked with swipe mode and you wake the phone up with your voice commands. To modify wake-up commands follow this path: Settings > Lock Screen > Wake up in lock screen. There you have for functions to set up a nd 8 tasks to call. Available tasks are: Unlock, Check for missed calls, Check for missed messages, Open Camera, Check Schedule, Play Music, Record Voice, Turn on/off Hands-free mode.
Press on each of the tasks to call, and follow the instructions to assign new wake-up commands


6. How to Disable App Notifications on Galaxy Note 3
Well, this is not a feature limited only to Note 3 users, and if you have an Android device running Jelly Bean 4.2 or above, you can use it. If you want to get rid of some annoying notifications by some apps, you can easily disable them by doing as follows:
Go to Settings > General > Application Manger. Now find and tap the application you want to disable app notification. Simple uncheck the Show Notification option.


7. How to Customize Notification Panel on Galaxy Note 3
Which launcher has so many feature that you may barely use some of them? The answer is Samsung TouchWiz. If you drag down the notification bar with 2 fingers, the complete list of toggle buttons appears and you can easily disable/enable most of the device's features. When the notification panel is opened, tap the Pen icon on the top to start customizing notification panel. As you can see, you can reorder the available toggles, or replace new toggles. There is also the option to add/remove brightness adjustment settings from the notification panel.


8. How to See Battery Percentage on The Galaxy Note 3 Notification Bar
This Galaxy Note 3 tips and tricks, lets you monitor the remaining battery percentage by looking at the notification bar. Go to Settings > Device > Display and make sure Display battery percentage is checked.


9. How to See Missed Calls / Unread Text Messages When the Screen is Off
The answer to this question is using the Quick Glance option. It shows you important information when you reach towards your device when the screen is off. To enable Quick Glance, go to Settings > Controls > Air Gesture > Enable Quick Glance. Read More: How to Enable and Customize Quick Glance on Note 3


10. How to Change Device Name on Galaxy Note 3
The last Galaxy Note 3 tips and tricks might seems very obvious for some users, but it is really useful. To change the device name, which will affect the entire hardware features that requires a Name, do as follows: Go to Settings > General > About Device. and tap Device Name to change the name.

10 How-to-Change-Device-Name-on-Galaxy-Note-3

There are still so many Galaxy Note 3 features, like Air View, Air Gesture, Air Commands, S Translator, S Health, WatchOn, Smart Features and more,  which we didn't discuss. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, we tried to show some Galaxy Note 3tips and tricks discussed less in other websites. Stay tuned for another AW Center article which discusses the entire functionality of S Pen in Galaxy Note 3