Google is holding an award-like program to introduce the best designed Android apps seasonally since the past summer. They recently announced the 11 winners of “Beautiful Design Winter 2013 Collection” on Google Play, which means these 11 selected apps have been designed perfectly by the aid of “beautiful presentation of photos, crisp and meaningful layout and typography, and delightful yet intuitive gestures and transitions”.


So, let’s review the list of best designed Android apps:

1. Timely

Timely is our first choice as an Android Alarm and Timer app, and Android Design Team have selected the application as one of the well-designed apps in the winter 2013. The distinguished feature of Timely is without any doubt is about the screen transition which is literally smooth.


2. Circa

For a long time, Google Reader was the first choice for most of the readers to follow their favorite categories, news, and headlines. Since the sudden shot down of the service, many applications tried to get the Google Reader service and Circa is one of those which tries to deliver the news and headlines in a convenient, fun and easy to follow user interface.

Being selected as one of the Beautiful Design Winter 2013 Collection, proves they have reached their goal to “make reading an article feel fast and very, very fun.”


3. Etsy

We are talking about an online shop where handmade goods are traded, to suppo rt local living economies. The “beautiful layouts and subtle blur effects” of the Etsy promises 1 thing: you’ll never get tired of discovering new items among 17 million ones.


4. Airbnb

Airbnb introduced itself as a reliable travel planning service which enables you to find the places to stay at the most affordable prices. This app is for 2 types of people: Those who have a place to rent, and those who are looking for a place. According to the Android Design Team, “Airbnb beautifully expresses Android’s visual language with big images and stylish UI elements”.


5. The Whole Pantry

This application might be less popular than the others in the Winter Collection, but it really is eye-catching and it does deserve to be one of the best designed Android apps. “The Whole Pantry is the first of its kind, combining inspiring wholefood with Lifestyle and Wellness Guides.”

The recipes and guides are just Delicious and you’ll feel hungry as looking at the pictures.


Runtastic Heart Rate, Tumblr, Umano, Yahoo! Weather, Grand St., and Pinterest are the 6 other Android apps which their designs are inspiring and catchy, and you may find more details about them at Google Beautiful Design Winter 2013 page.