So, you studied the characteristics of many computers and finally made a long-awaited purchase. And now, the new laptop is your reliable assistant in all lectures and homework assignments! It follows you everywhere, whether you are at the nearest coffee shop, library, or in the countryside. And just like you, it gets tired of a huge everyday load. Nevertheless, it won't be a problem once you start taking proper care of your device. 

Therefore, we have collected the top 12 rules to ensure your laptop will last through all college years. No doubt, such household chores require time and attention, and if you don't have them, don't worry! Just google "I need Essaypro writers to write an essay for me," and an experienced author will be found in the nick of time. With a talented helper by your side, you will have everything under control, from your academic performance to your stress level and daily concerns.

Monitor The Temperature Regime

Study laptops typically don't tolerate sudden temperature changes. Therefore, avoid extreme heat or frost. This also applies to high humidity levels.

Let's take a closer look at a widespread mistake. In the middle of winter, we carry laptops in our bags along the street and turn them on when in the classroom at once. However, each laptop needs at least 30 minutes to warm up. As for extreme heat, you better use a cooling pad to give your computer a little breath.

In addition, it's necessary to replace the thermal paste between the chips and their coolers. This reduces the operating temperature of the components and has a positive effect on how the system works. And that's exactly what you need to avoid overheating.

Clean The Laptop Of Dust

The problem that everyone faces after 2-3 years of using a laptop is a large amount of dust inside the case. When radiators inside become overgrown with dust, they can hardly work. This is easy to notice since the laptop is constantly buzzing. But if you don't deal with this problem in time, the processor will start to overheat. Then, say goodbye to its performance. 

In fact, there are many tutorials on YouTube on how to clean laptops. So, why not try if you have enough time?

Remember About The Battery

Of course, battery capacity is a topic that deserves special attention. This is one of the main parameters that we consider when choosing a laptop. The longer it can work without charging, the more productive we are, right? After all, sockets in classrooms are typically busy, as are those in cafes and libraries.

But when at home, many of us keep our laptops connected to a charger 24/7. You may believe that this has a beneficial effect, but it's not. The controller that protects the battery will deteriorate over time, and an excess charge will lead to damage. Therefore, always remember to unplug the device when the battery is full. 

Keep The Laptop On A Flat Surface

Given that today many study online, the temptation to listen to lectures while still in bed is quite great. We block access to social networks through the browser to not be distracted (by the way, this is one of the most common ways to manage your gadgets), take a cup of coffee, and immerse into the learning process. However, keeping a laptop on a comfortable sofa or bed is a terrible idea. The cooling systems will suffer, and this leads to overheating.

Open The Lid Without Haste

Do you grab the edge of the lid just to open the laptop faster? Too bad. If you pull the screen around the edges, then the rotary mechanisms may be damaged. That's why all your interactions should be smooth. For example, a sharp slamming of a laptop lid inevitably leads to wear of the hinges, although it looks cool in films.

Buy The Right Bag

Make sure your laptop is properly stored and transported. After all, it is with you everywhere - on trips, transport, and in a variety of places. A high-quality bag protects the device from scratches, shaking, and any external damage.

Don't Eat Over Your Laptop

It's no secret that the order in our head begins with the order around. According to many career coaches, being organized and tidy greatly promotes success among learners. And these qualities should be present in all areas of your life: from your self-care to your daily habits. And below, we want to analyze one of them.

How often do you eat snacks while making a presentation or doing research for the next project? If you want to extend the life of your laptop, give up this pattern, at least gradually. Let's agree: it's very unpleasant when the keyboard and mouse are stained with greasy spots. The second point is that crumbs and food particles get under the keyboard and affect the laptop's operation. 

Keep The Drinks Away

Another recommendation is similar to the previous rule. Don't put a cup of coffee, tea, or any liquid next to your laptop. One awkward movement (whether it's you, your family members, or pets), and you have to search for the repair service. In some cases, the renovation doesn't help, and you surely don't want to end up buying a new laptop, right?

Avoid Dropping At All Costs

The main enemies of any laptop are shaking and vibration. They are horrible for the hard drive, and this slows down the device. Plus, the risks of losing all the information stored on it are quite high. 

Use Antiviruses

Modern antivirus programs do more than just protect your device from malicious files or help you find existing problems. They also contain a number of useful utilities, optimizing performance and cleaning up free space. Of course, you'd better purchase a paid version, but you can use a number of free programs as well. The most popular ones are 360 Total, Avast, NOD32, and Dr.Web. 

Wipe The Screen

We usually remember the internal parts of a laptop when we clean it. But as for the screen, it definitely needs to be taken care of more often. It quickly becomes covered with dust, so the best way to deal with this is to purchase a special microfiber cloth. Unfortunately, paper napkins and liquids containing alcohol won't work well.

Polish The Keyboard

Of course, the dirt under the keyboard isn't as noticeable as the one on the screen. However, there are no fewer problems with it. Over time, the keys can simply stop working. So, first, turn the laptop upside down and gently shake it. After that, you can use a can of compressed air to remove the trash and dust.

To Wrap It Up

These are the main rules which will greatly prolong your laptop's life. Perhaps the three key tips are protecting the device from falling and shaking, cleaning the internal and external parts, and relying on effective antiviruses. Any laptop requires special care. Basically, it's your reliable friend who helps you cope with any school assignments and accompanies you in all life situations. Use it gently, and it will serve you faithfully for many years to come!