How often do you look at your phone? More often than not, being stuck on the phone leads to a drop in productivity and procrastination. To become more productive and still enjoy life, you can read hundreds of books or hire a coach. But there is another way you can save time and money: mobile apps. The suitable applications on your smartphone can increase your productivity and make life easier. Check these tools at androidappsforme.

This article will share tools that help you effectively manage your time, attention and keep everything on time.

How to use your time effectively

If you still think that taking five minutes to social media doesn't affect your productivity, install the following apps on your computer or phone to find out where your precious minutes are going:

The program runs in the background on your computer and phone and counts your time on websites. The $6 per month paid version blocks destructive sites for a set period and tracks the tasks on your list.

The program is designed for corporate rather than personal use. You can see the structure of the working day of one or more employees and analyze their work efficiency. There is no free version. Only a test period of 14 days is offered.

Toggl is a simple but effective timekeeping app that saves freelancers working on multiple tasks. It not only keeps track of what you spend your time on but also shows you how many hours a particular project took.

For Mac, iOS, Android, Windows. Timeular is a time tracker that uses a physical Bluetooth-connected device to help you visualize your work while you're doing it. It's expensive, but Timeular will give you a better understanding of where your time is going.

How not to get distracted

To avoid distractions from entertaining content and to focus entirely on the task at hand, consider programs like these:

The program works in any browser, on any computer, or phone. Unfortunately, there is no free version, but an annual subscription will only cost you $2.42 per month. The program can block websites, apps, and even the internet if your willpower is completely bad.

An extension for Google Chrome that makes you more productive by blocking access to sites you find undesirable when y ou are working. It's free to use, but only in one browser.

Free software for macOS. Set a period, add sites that prevent you from working to the block list, and click start. You will not be able to enter at least one of them ahead of time, even if you restart your computer or delete the application.

For Mac only. Magnet is a workspace organizer that helps you free up screen space. It lets you spend less time switching between applications and windows and more time working. The user can control the arrangement of windows by dragging them or by pressing keyboard shortcuts.

How to finish work on time

When the deadline is near, and you haven't sat down to work yet, you need to go to extreme measures. The Pomodoro technique will help you achieve great results in the shortest possible time. Try it yourself!

A timer that will help you cope with all the tasks efficiently. You need to fill out your to-do list in advance and start the app. The rules are simple: after every 25 minutes, you should take a break for 5 minutes, and after 100 minutes, you should take a break for 10-30 minutes.

Focus To-Do
For Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome. This app is suitable for followers of the Pomodoro technique. It allows you to manage tasks and stay focused during 25-minute intervals. Focus To-Do also helps you schedule work sessions, save shopping lists and reminders.

An iOS and Android app to help you stay focused on your phone, concentrate on your work, and grow your tree. Set a timer (10 minutes or more) and start doing things quietly. As you work, your tree will go from a tiny sprout to a vigorous adult plant. If you decide to quit the app or switch to another program, the tree will die.

For iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox. Productivity is great, but why not make it more fun? Habitica is an app that turns task-completion into an RPG game. The rewards and punishments in Habitica motivate you to follow long-term and short-term goals in work, health control, and daily life.

The app will save you from long scrolling emails. It can distinguish between personal and business correspondence and sort it. Thus, by running the utility and entering your mailbox, you will instantly determine which emails are worth reading first, which will save you a lot of time.


Finished the article? It's time to install one of the distracting content blockers and finally finish that very report. We hope you find the time and energy to improve and strive for lofty goals with these apps! Deadlines don't wait!