In this series of articles we are going to cover apps which have been developed exclusively for the rooted devices and they need you to root your device to get all the features. As there are many of these apps available in the market, in each article we are going to introduce 5 of them.

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Link2SD is used to transfer apps from the internal memory to external one. To cut costs, in some phones the memory is not big and thus the amount which the user may get to install apps is really small. To fix this problem, you can use this application, to transfer your installed applications from the internal memory to external ones, so you will get more free space. Although, it is recommended that you don’t move some specific apps such as widgets.

The application interface is smooth and simple, just choose the app you want to move and then you’ll see what options you have. Another option is the ability to freeze and unfreeze applications that you’re not using that much. Thus, these apps will not occupy the memory anymore and you can unfreeze them whenever you need them. Finally, the Link2SD lets you uninstall those pre-installed apps on the phone.

Download Link2SD

Go Backup Pro:

You may already use apps such as GO SMS or GO launcher, and therefore you’re familiar with GO apps. This is another application from the series of these famous apps. The apps is used to back up the installed apps and their data. When you change your ROM, your applications all will be deleted, but the GO Backup pro can restore all the application like they have been never deleted.

The most important feature of the app is that it backs up your data on the cloud. Which as all the data will be stored on the internet, you don’t need to worry about memory space which is needed. The app also has t he freeze and unfreeze feature.

Download GO Backup & Restore Pro

Font Installer:

In the previous posts we explored different ways to change fonts in Android. Another way to change the font in Android is to use apps which are designed for this purpose. These apps need the root access to do this. One of the good apps from this category is Font Installer which let you customize your phone’s font.

Download Font Installer


Greenify is one of the most powerful tools for optimum use of storage and battery in Android. This application avoids unnecessary memory consumption by unnecessary apps and thus reduces power consumption too. The app lets you hibernate selected applications; the apps go into hibernate mode and their icon remains in the launcher and when needed they are going to come back from hibernate mode which the user may run them. This function is different than freezing, because by freezing the apps will be completely shut down but in this mode they are just disabled and will remain in standby to be used whenever the user wants.

Download Greenify *ROOT: Renew my Phone


This app which is known by Icon Themer too, is used to change the icons in the main launcher. Thus, for changing the icons you don’t need to change your launcher and you can do it directly on whatever launcher you have. The app supports the Nova/Apex icons. After installing the app you should install the Xposed Framework too, which by installing the Unicon the Xposed Installer will be installed and let you do this.

Download Unicon

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