In the previous post, we introduced five applications as the best Android apps for rooted phones. Today, we are going to continue with another five useful apps.

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DiskDigger is a powerful photo recovery tool for rooted Android phones. It may occurred to you that you accidentally delete a picture, or you have formatted your external or internal memory, then in these cases this powerful recovery program will help you to recover your images or your files. The main purpose of this application is to recover and restore deleted images, but it sometimes works on deleted videos too. So you can have little hope over restoring your videos by this app.

 Download DiskDigger

Assistive Zoom

Using the Assistive Zoom, you don’t need both fingers for zoom in and zoom out, anymore. Perhaps, it is more likely that sometimes you need to zoom in or out in an app, but you couldn’t use both hands as they weren’t free. This app will add a small button in the edge of the screen which helps you to zoom in and out with just one finger. This button will appear any place that there is an option of zoom in and out, i.e. gallery, book reader and any other places that need zooming.

 Download Assistive Zoom

Push Notification Fixer

If you are using your phone to check your emails and social networks then you will get all the notifications whenever anything happens on them on the top bar on your screen. This checking for updates, will be each 15 minutes if you’re connected to Wi-Fi and 28 minutes if you’re using data on your SIM card.

By using the Push Notification Fixer you can reduce the checking periods to 5 minutes. Five minutes is an ideal number for everyone to get updates regularly on their emails and social networks, so they don’t miss anything or get them late.

 Download Push Notifications Fixer


AFWall or Android firewall is a firewall application which lets you create rules on which apps can access too Internet (2G/3G/WiFI) and will manage your inbound and outbound connections. The app will let you limit some unnecessary apps to access to Internet, which this leads to some cut costs for the user.

Download AFWall+

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup has a similar operation to GO Backup. This app helps you to create a full backup from all your applications and data on Android, which you can restore this backup after changing your ROM. The advantage of this app compared to GO Backup is more options on backup and the option to restore the applications without their data (in cases which the app doesn’t need its data files to launch). The only negative point of this app is the restore speed is much slower compared to others such as Go Backup.

 Download Titanium Backup


Stay Tuned for the next series of best Android apps for rooted devices…