In the previous two posts of these series we introduced some apps which are applicable just on rooted phones (To get the full features). In the third part, we are going to introduce the third part of 15 best Android apps for rooted devices

15 best Android apps for rooted devices – Part 1/3

15 best Android apps for rooted devices – Part 2/3


Full! Screen

The Full! Screen app is designed for Android tablets. With this application, you can use the tablet in full screen mode. The app will remove the toolbar and notification bar and run applications in full-screen mode. Instead some transparent buttons on the down corner of screen will be shown to give access to back, home and multitasking buttons.

Download  full!screen

Children Tracker

This application is the best choice for parents. Parents who wish to have a better control on their children will be going to use this app definitely. With this application you can control all the things which your child is doing with his/her phone, you can know his/her place, and even know about his/her calls, messages and browsed web sites.

All the discussed information will be saved on application website and you can have access to them by browsing to their website. Also the application shortcut is hidden and needs a security code to be run.

Download Children Tracke


After introduction of the Galaxy Nexus, Google makes an initiative step by not using any hardware button on the front of the phone and instead used some software buttons. After this, many companies tried to do the same and currently we see many phones that have only software buttons and not any hardware one. The SoftkeyZ is used to do some customization to these buttons and change their appearances. You can change them based on your current theme or your taste. Moreover, the type and number of these buttons are customizable too.

Download SoftKeyZ


Tasker is an application that at the first glance may not seem very useful. But this application is one of smartest apps in Android, and you can sense the true meaning of the smartphone with this app.

Working with this app is a little difficult, but with some time and perseverance you could be able to do great interesting things with it.

The app has access to all of your device and you can do everything that you wanted to do with this app. The app will used to program your tasks and do it automatically. For example, some scenarios can include, turning WiFi on when reaching home, or lowering the screen brightness at nights or making the phone silent at night and many more.

With this app you can have a better Android experience and with a rooted device this experience may get more enjoyable.

 Download Tasker

GMD GestureControl

This app helps you to run tasks and perform commands easier with some gestures. There are situations which you need to touch the screen several times to get something done. For example, accessing to messaging manager or remove the bar on above of the screen and use your phone in full size. This app lets you create a gesture for each task to make them simpler.

 Download GMD GestureControl