When traveling to other cities, you need to know about them to have a good time there. We’ll introduce the best city guide apps for Android, in case you need someone to help you in this field. These Android travel apps have great information about different cities in the world and you can find out about the attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc. Some of them also have the ability to book hotel rooms and so, you won’t need to worry about booking them when you arrive. So, if you want to learn about cities on Android and travel easily, please keep on reading this article.


World Travel Guide by Triposo

World Travel Guide by Triposo is one of the great Android travel apps and it will be a great guide on your trip. It has included various cities form different countries and you can see the pictures and read the details about them. You can also find out about the highlights of the cities and personalize the app according to your trip by bookmarking your favorite places. You can book hotels, attraction, etc. with this app and despite all of these, it is free and works offline.


Foursquare City Guide

Well, if you are planning to go on a trip and want to learn about cities on Android, we suggest you to try using Foursquare City Guide. It’s a brilliant app that helps you find what you’re looking for in various cities and you can save your favorite spots and plan a trip to go there. Well, you can make a memorial of your trip easily if you use this app, because it will keep the track of all the places you have traveled and you can see it with details.


Trip.com - City & Travel Guide

Finding a good place to go will be much easier if you use Trip.com - City & Travel Guide, one of the best Android travel apps. You can discover various places and get advices from the app to make the best decision. Some cities are too cold or too hot in some certain times of the year and you can use this app to avoid bad weather and it can also give you offers according to your interests.


minube: travel planner & guide

minube: travel planner & guide is a great app that will help you learn about cities on Android and plan to go to your favorite places. It has included various cities of the world and their pictures and you can discover the places that you can travel to with it. It has different categories based on interests and it makes it easy to decide where you should go.


Where Traveler City Guides

Where Traveler City Guides, our last recommendation, has included the cities of the world with their pictures and other details. You can know about the weather of the city, its attractions, and find it on the map to find out about the roads. You can add the cities you like to your favorites and plan on a trip to those places.


All in all, these are the best city guide apps for Android. You can use them to discover the best cities according to your taste and know about them in details to be able to travel there.

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