21 Solitaire Battle is a combination of solitaire and blackjack, where you compete head to head against other players to see who can clear their deck the fastest! It's a great way to practice card counting or simply kill some time in your spare time

While this addictive card game for iOS may seem a little bit confusing when you start playing it for the very first time, but you will eventually get used to it. After that, you just need to focus on the gameplay to be able to clear the deck faster than your opponent and conquer the competition.


Is 21 Solitaire Battle worth a try? I’ve always been a fan of simpl e games that comes with a unique idea and delivers fast-paced and addictive gameplay. 21 Solitaire Battle not only offers these features, but it also comes with the PVP-like competition that makes you experience even more pleasant. If you are a fan of card games and looking for a fresh title that is based on a familiar concept but delivers a whole new experience, this free card game won’t disappoint you.


21 Solitaire Battle is available to download for Free!

Download 21 Solitaire Battle for free from Apple App Store, jump into the PVP battles, and challenge your card playing skills.

According to the developers, when the game reaches 100 daily active users, they plan to enable it for cash-games where players can win real money. The faster you manage to clear the deck, the higher chances you will have to earn real money.