Mobile operating systems today have progressed enough to do almost anything. One of the things, which have attracted our attention lately, is the body fitness. Some have overweight and some underweight, but they all have one thing in common and that is the need for fitness.  Fitness is one of the most important factors for a healthy body. There are many ways for keeping your body in shape, but the most important thing to get to the point is the planning for it. There are many Android apps which give a good and sensible diet and exercise plans to users. Thus, we are going to introduce 3 best Android fitness apps which are getting acquainted by many Android users.


WeightPad is a simple and easy application which calculates your weight according to your diet and calorie intake. This application based on the received calorie (calculated on the basis of amount and type of the consumed food) and the calculation of BMI (body mass index) will give the user weight. Moreover, in a daily basis it features the user’s weight in a graph. So, you just need to enter your current weight. Now, enter the type of food which consumed in Food tab and your exercises amount in Fitness tab. Therefore, with a good approximation, you can be aware of your weight, and in case you want to gain or loss weight, plan for it accordingly. Download Weightpad from Google Play.



It can firmly be said that RunKeeper is the best Android app for fitness. This application, records all of your activity and movements with th e GPS.  RunKeeper records and tracks your fitness activity as its main goal and burning of extra calories as its short-term goal, which with these goals illustrate a success and development diagram for the user. With these diagrams, the user will try hard to achieve the best fitness. There is another interesting feature in the app and its purpose is to display the status of friends’ fitness. Thus creating a sense of competition, the users will do their best to achieve what they’re looking for. The app can analyze variety of activities such as running, jogging, cycling and many more, and calculate the calories consumed and weight loss based on it. In addition, there is a feature which will take photos from the user, during the activities, so by the permission of him/her share it on the social networks. The user can get information such as calorie consumption, mileage, path traveled on a map and heart rate from the RunKeeper interface. Download Runkeeper from Google Play.

Pocket Yoga
This application is designed specifically to teach yoga exercises. Pocket Yoga teaches the user yoga exercises in three modes of hard, normal and easy and each for a selective length of 30, 45 and 60 minutes (for heart rate). There are 27 different topics of exercises to teach yoga to the user. These yoga lessons are visual and accompanied by sound. You can just put your android phone or tablet in front of you, and start the exercising. You can download Pocket Yoga from  Google Play.