Compared to iOS, Android is far more flexible and you can never imagine what comes next. Android lets you create custom launchers, widgets, apps, notifications and almost anything logically (and illogically) possible. One of these flexibilities that we like very much is the option to use the camera as the background wallpaper or put the camera stream as a widget. In the following we review 3 Android Floating Camera Applications which lets you capture the moment with no miss or delays.

1. Snapy, The Floating Camera

Within one snap of yours, the camera will popup. Snapy is a resizable floating camera that can be accessed from anywhere in the launcher. No matter you are in the middle of a game or doing a phone call, Snapy is always there. To run the app, you can use the always-on floating icon, the notification panel or use a shortcut on your desktop. Like special apps in Samsung tablets, the camera floating dialog is movable and adjustable. “SNAPY also has lots of filters & photo settings that you can play with to create AMAZING photos, try them out! Oh, and don't forget sharing those with your friends!”. Not to mention the awesome graphical interface that looks really professional.

Download Snapy, The Floating Camera from Google Play


2. Camera through wallpaper

As the name suggests, this application uses the camera stream as a live wallpaper for homescreen. The configuration w ithin this app lets the users choose/switch between front and back cameras and  change the resolution of images. It is possible to take pictures by double tapping, and if you disable the shutter sound through the settings, you make no noise when capturing the photo. Like a normal camera application, Camera Through Wallpaper can apply some special effects on the photo like colorizing the photo or adjusting the white balance, using camera flash or activate auto focus. Other features include: QR code recognition, launch browser for recognized QR code, pinch zooming and more.

Download Camera through wallpaper from Google Play


3. Flying Camera (Floating)

This is a really simple application for those who just want to have an overlay camera and avoid the complexity. Flying Camera previews the camera over all other apps and makes it possible to take pictures by a single tapping on it. Pinch zooming is the only feature it offers. The free version of Flying Camera supports ads which can be kind of annoying.

Download Flying Camera from Google Play