How do you record audio and the sound of environment via your Android device? In this AW Center article we review 3 Best Android Recorder Apps which some of their features are Free, lets you start the recording right from home screen via Android recorder widget, save the recorded files directly as MP3 format, change the recording quality, set the SD Card as default location for saving the recorded files, and the option tag and assign them to specific category your recording to find them later easier.

So, here are the 3 Best Android Recorder Apps available in the Google Play Store (Free and Paid):


1. Easy Voice Recorder


Easy Voice Recorder (EVR) really does what its name says, and you can easily start recording voice and audio via your Android phone/tablet. On the free version you can change the audio quality, manage recording files and record in the background, but in the Pro version you have access to more features, including: record sound in stereo, save files to SD card, control the recording from notification panel, and many more.

The distinguished feature in EVR is indeed its great home screen widgets, which lets you start recording as soon as tapping on the home screen. Read more about Easy Voice Recorder Home Screen Widget.

Depending on the sound quality, recorded files are stored as AMR, AAC, or PCM and there is no MP3 output.

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2. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

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Why we selected Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder as one of the best Android Recorder Apps? Because it records sounds as MP3 format, and you cannot easily find a recorder app to be both user friendly and have the MP3 option for output files.

On the Free version you can only record up to 10 minutes with the full features and options including, changing the bit rate, changing the location of stored recordings, and the option to stop recording automatically as the free storage reaches to a certain level (1MB, 5, 10, or 100).

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3. Recorder with Tags


This Android recording app has a unique interface and a unique feature which lets you add tags and category to the recorded files in order to manage them more efficient and it’s like a life saver when you want to find a specific recording among the many.

On the full version, you can change the sound quality, Organize recordings using categories, and there are no limitations in number of tags.

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Note that, although these reviewed Android recorder apps are available to download for free, but if your job requires you to record audio often or you do care about the quality of output files and organizing them, it is highly recommended to upgrade to PRO versions, and to decide which Android recorder app fits you the most, just download these 3 apps, which are about 5MB combined, and then decide to choose the best.

If we had to choose the Best Android Recorder App, we would go for Recorder with Tags because of its organizing tools as well as its crystal clear sound quality.