Android Side Launcher Applications let you quickly access custom favorite applications or all applications from anywhere in Android just by swiping the bar. These 3 Best Android Side Launcher Applications help you quickly run an application from anywhere in Android by displaying an overlay panel (sidebar). It is as easy at it looks: Swipe and Switch

1. Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere


If you like Ubuntu’s sidebar, then you will definitely enjoy having this one. Swapps adds a full customizable sidebar panel to your Android. With a simple swipe on any selected device edge (side), the app drawer opens. The graphical interface is awesome and the drawer has adjustable height and width, not to forget the great special effects (Animation Styles) used for displaying the list of apps. Swapps offers 3 sections in its sidebar: full app drawer displaying all your installed and default apps, recently used apps, favorite (starred) apps that you can add manually. The PRO version of the app unlocks lots of extra features, such as: app blacklist, more than 15 starred apps, customizable pad, text color and more.

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2. Pie Control


Pie Control has a lovely interface. It uses a semicircular drawer to display the favorite apps on it. You have 2 columns (or rows) each having 5 free slots for chosen applications (in total 10 free slots). Y ou decide which side-swiping should open the drawer; left, right or bottom. Pie control also offers a resizable clock with date and battery status feature which pops up on displaying the drawer. The customization at the bottom of the settings lets the users change the overall look & feel. If you like to go PRO, Pie Control offers extra features to fulfill that: display a notepad, random text color, etc.

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3. HomeFlip


Press the Home button to run HomeFlip and press it again to return to your homescreen. HomeFlip lists favorites, recents and all applications in sliding ribbons (just like familiar slide-to-unlock lockscreen). You can open this drawer via taping your Home button or by swiping a selectable portion of the device sidebar. Swipe a task to the left to mark as favorite and swipe it to the right to mark it as hidden. The support for themes and font styles lets you easily change the sliders UI and text fonts. Using the filtering option at the bottom of the app, it is possible to filter out a specific application quickly. HomeFlip is a  free application which surprisingly supports no ads.

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Among the reviewed applications to be used as Alternative App Drawers (or Android Side Launcher), we prefer Swapps which is quite powerful and looks so professional. If you want to try something new, do not forget about HomeFlip, which we are sure you will be amazed by its speed and smoothness.