Android has a security lock by default, which you may have dealt with them, specially the famous pattern lock. But after opening the first lock, all apps and settings are easily accessible. So if you want to put a lock on the apps and various parts such as Gallery, you need to use apps which are designed to do so. In this article we are going to get familiar with three of these apps which can be name the Best Applications to Lock Android Apps With Password.

Smart App Protector: this app can lock all apps on the android’s gadget. This app is able to lock down the apps by locks such as, digits/alphabetical, patterns and gestures. Moreover, the app also features the option to lock the screen brightness and the screen rotation. Next, in the call section, it can lock all outgoing or incoming calls, so nobody without access permission can dial. Of course, the app can lock access to the 3G network as well. The feature that makes this app different is the smart enabling or disabling the locks. It means that, the app can be set that in certain places for example home, unlocks everything and other places like work, locks everything and asks for the password. This features works by the help of Wi-Fi and GPS. In addition to location as a trigger to enable or disable the locks, you can have time element as well, which for a period of time or specific time locks will be enabled or disabled.

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App Lock: without a hesitation, we can say that App Lock is the best in its kind. The app can lock all parts of the Android. These parts can be apps, settings, incoming and outgoing calls, contacts, messages, Google Play and many more. The app can hide the icons of the locked apps. The app can prevent locked apps from the uninstallation by other people in the settings menu, if of course the setting menu is unlocked and can be accessed. The app has two types of locks, one numeric and the other is locking with pattern. To lock sections and apps quickly two ways were introduced, first from the app’s widget and second on the event section. Similar to Smart App Protector this app is smart too.

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Perfect App Protector: This application has the ability to protect any app on the Android device. This program uses numeric or pattern locks and can be applied on messages, emails, photos and any other areas of the Android. Similar to App Lock, it can lock the screen brightness and the screen rotation too. A unique feature of the app is the option to lock the ways that the device can connect to a PC. Moreover, you can enable or disable the app from distance and remotely by just one SMS. The application is equipped with a 1x1 widget to activate the locks as quickly as possible.

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Note that,
some applications have a feature to set password and you have to enter the password to open the application. Dropbox is one of the famous applications with password protecting feature. Another option is to encrypt your device, if you are storing some sensitive data.

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