The main logic of GIF Creator Android apps, is that they take series of pictures and turn them in to a GIF picture. In this article we review 3 Best GIF Creator Android Apps which can be downloaded and installed from Google Play for free. These Gif Creator apps, other than creating short animation images, usually provide some default animations and let you share the animation to social networks instantly.

1. Fixie GIF Camera

Fixie is our favorite Android app to create GIF animations. The duration of each GIF file is about 1.5 seconds and you need to use the camera of your device to capture a short animated GIF. After you capture the animation, you can add text, borders, and doodles, change the color of added items, and finally share them to your social networks. Saved GIF files can be either found in the Fixie galley, or under this path: /sdcard/Fixie. Note that using some of the doodles and borders samples needs an in-app purchase to unlock.

Download Fixie GIF Camera

2. Magic GIF Camera

The primary language of this application is Chinese and some parts and buttons of the app have been translated to English, but it i s not hard to work with the app. Compare to the Fixie, this app provides more control over your GIF animation image by providing the option to select image size, number of photos to join (18, 21, 24), remove some of the taken photos, change the speed, and apply some cool effects.

Download Magic GIF Camera

3. GIF Camera

Making GIF images via GIF camera is really pleasant. You first take 20 continues shot (which can be set to from 10frames to 60 frames), delete some of the shots, Select the FPS  from 1fps to 20fps, and save the image. Unlike other 2 applications, GIF Camera doesn't have any customization option and you can just mark an option to reverse the animation, which we found it really cool when testing. It is also to create a GIF file by using saved pictures on your gallery and gives you access to GIF files created by others.

Download GIF Camera

To conclude, since all thees 3 GIF Creator Android apps are free to download, you can try them all to see which suits you the best. If you are looking for some simple GIF images, we recommend using GIF Camera which provides options to customize number of frames and speed, lets you create GIF animation from local photos, and it is really simple to use. If you want to add some watermarks, borders, or doodles, then Fixie GIF Camera is goiong to be our pick.