For some reason, many people think that "Designers should be businessmen." This suggests that most do not understand how design outsourcing works. Therefore, it is worth understanding why companies turn to outsourcing, how they choose it, what they expect as a result, what problems they may encounter and what they would like to modernize. You should start with a simple one - choosing a company. By contacting a web studio where outsource web design services can be performed at a high level, you can be sure that the site, application or program will flourish, become popular, sold, and in demand.

What to focus on when ordering services: TOP-3 keys

We all know the concept of outsourcing. It involves the transfer of part of the company's business processes to external contractors. It can be a freelancer, web studio, etc. As for design and web design, such processes are constantly outsourced, which is absolutely justified. Since it is simply not profitable for many businessmen to take a designer on the staff of a company.

TOP 3 main keys that are included in the outsourcing development of a web design solution:

1. Creation of branding and corporate identity. This stage is very important, since any business begins to grow over time, which means it is time to launch advertising campaigns, develop marketing strategies, maintain a communication policy and attract the target audience. Corporate identity includes:

  • Font development.
  • The choice of a specific shade, color, a range of colors.
  • Creation of a name for a brand, organization, company (we are talking about a trademark).
  • Development of an interesting logo.
  • Work with additional elements.

In fact, every business, especially startups, are trying to introduce something unique, universal to the modern market. It can be a name in the form of a combination or a conjunction of several colors, icons, letters, symbols, numbers. In the future, thanks to a well-designed and well-thought-out corporate identity, a brand or company will be recognized even if it is a full-fledged brand book. Therefore, a corporate identity is something that a business cannot do without.

2. Creation of online resource design. Today it is impossible to imagine a business without a website. As you know, an online resource is exactly what gives competitive advantages over competitors. The design decision on the site is considered an important stage that allows you to achieve great success, including becoming visually interesting for regular users and being user-friendly for beginners, attracting the consideration of a new target audience. Development of a design solution includes:

  • analysis of the development of the customer;
  • analysis of the development point at which the client is staying when contacting the company;
  • analysis of the possibility to come to what the client wants in the end.

For example, a client may have an online resource, but still, he has a desire to update, modernize, work out something new on it. This may be a desire to conduct a website in accordance with a corporate identity, or a desire to start work with a specific brief and develop layouts, after which specialists work out a design solution. At the same time, the creation of an individual web design can be done for the following types of online resources:

  • landings;
  • business card sites;
  • corporate online resources;
  • news portals;
  • online stores;
  • promo sites;
  • resource directories and others.

3. Web design outsourcing development. In practice, it also happens when a client has absolutely everything - a corporate identity, a working website, but at the same time, a growing business needs innovative promotion tools. In this situation, there is a need to additionally create a design for a web application, online interface or mobile program on one or another operating system. When a contractor undertakes to perform a service, he first of all performs the following actions:

  • Conducts a full analysis of the needs of the target audience that already exists in the company.
  • Composes a specific user path.
  • Offers a personal vision for prototyping a web application or an online interface.
  • Starts preparing for the order and proceeds to its direct creation.
  • Additionally, the client may wish to re-design the color scheme or develop a style along with the design.

Whatever the customer wishes, it is necessary to understand that each action will lead exclusively to improving the promotion of the business (it will become more popular, more recognizable and more in demand in the modern market and among competitors).

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Who can do without outsourcing in web design?

There are a number of problems due to which the client may apply for such services. Among them, the following should be noted:

  • There is a desire to create a corporate style solution, but there is no such specialist as a web designer on staff.
  • There was a clear need to redesign the online resource, quite realistically, combined with a specific refinement.
  • The customer runs his own business in social networks that are popular today and he urgently needs original drawings in the corporate style.
  • The client has an online resource but he wants to redesign with the newly created corporate identity.

Of course, these are not all the reasons for attracting professionals in this field.

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What are the benefits of the service?

Since most companies do not have a designer on staff, it is not surprising that such services are highly valued. In addition, the work of a designer lies in a specific IT direction, specialization, knowledge of programming languages ​​and other points. If a web studio or a freelancer takes responsibility and agrees to solve all the client's questions, then it makes sense to hire such specialists for a certain amount of time. Here are the benefits that essentially every client gets:

  • He will be able to save financial resources, because it will conclude an agreement in which clear prices for services will be prescribed.
  • He will immediately hire a couple of professionals with different expertise for the professional study of absolutely all tasks.
  • He will get the result in a fairly acceptable period, because outsourcing specialists are simply not interested in delaying projects in some way or for some reason.
  • He will receive a number of other advantageous offers, in particular, the opportunity to order services separately or a full package of services, etc.

What needs to be taken into account?

Web design outsourcing involves many features that potential customers take into account, and these are:

1. They understand the importance of design for business. Web design will help in such aspects as sales of goods and services at a much higher price, increase any of the product metrics and conversion, make the brand more recognizable in the market, and make the product or service understandable, intuitively simple for modern consumers or users.

2. It will help you understand why design can't be too cheap. Outsourcing will allow everyone to think about why the cost of web design development services is justified by quality, importance, and expertise. The fact is that before introducing a corporate identity, professionals plunge into goals, tasks and make the most competent decision, which leads to image profit.

3. It helps to understand all aspects of design outsourcing. When a client cannot afford to keep a designer on staff, then the real find is the conclusion of an agreement with a contractor. So, there is no need to be distracted from doing business, as well as giving the designer the appropriate commands and responsibilities.

4. Rebranding. This action can be entrusted exclusively to those who have nothing to do specifically with your business. If a person or a team of specialists is interested in doing work for a client and has no interest in business development, then one can hope and expect that the view from the outside will be much more promising, better, “modernizing” the corporate identity as a whole.

5. You should not apply to a place where there is no guarantee of outsourcing UI / UX and product design. The fact is that every business has its own pitfalls, and trusting the contractor company, it is important to be sure that specialists will be able to immerse themselves in the context of the business in order to create a full-fledged web design that can satisfy the needs of the business.

6. It is important to take a closer look at how the web studio positions itself. It happens that a contractor can only perform a certain range of work, not understand the details, or simply not be an expert in a particular industry. The fact is that a web studio is not a business partner, not a consultant, not a legal entity in a person who has to put information on the shelves. A web studio is a team of developers who are able to work according to the brief provided to them and fulfill all the wishes, tasks set by the customer as soon as possible and for a certain contractual amount of money.

7. Recommendations are what you should pay special attention to. Since it is very difficult to find a conscientious contractor, it is not strange that you should select a company that can perform web design at a high level and at the same time it has a lot of positive feedback from customers, the company is recommended by friends and acquaintances or on IT portals. For example, web studios that write expert articles for people and thereby share additional information with the common people, so to speak, deserve special attention.

8. General criteria are important. The main criteria for selecting a contractor include an adequate and reasonable price list, relevant cases, the overall level of work or an established portfolio, and the quality of communication at the presale stage. If a web studio sets itself up well from the very beginning, then most likely it will be trusted in the future, including outsourcing web design.

9. It is necessary to learn about the main pains of companies. Since it is not particularly important for the contractor to dive into the business and the task at the start, the client may expect more than the contractor can deliver. As a result, the product will not meet expectations. The client should figure out what are the "pain points" and only then enter into cooperation. In addition, there is the problem of exceeding deadlines. If the web studio does not have time to complete the project on time or has let many people down, then you should also find out about this before entering into cooperation and think carefully whether it is worth signing a cooperation contract at all.

10. You need to understand that contractors can also face a problem. It consists in multi-level coordination within companies. The reason for this is due to the fact that web studios can often communicate not with the end customer or decision makers, but specifically with intermediaries. The latter are also called intermediates.

11. Formal aspects. Cooperation with a web design development contractor can last more than one week, more than one month, sometimes such cooperation drags on for years - 2, 4, 5 or more. This is mainly due to the fact that the specialists do an excellent job with their tasks, the client sees the results of the work and the prosperity of the business. Also, web companies can require a fixed payment for the amount of work that has been completed or ask for an advance payment of up to 50 percent. Such a formal point about payment also exists when outsourcing web design.

12. General points of growth. A web studio will always figure out what a design is for this or that business. For example, a customer may come with an absolutely absurd task and will have to refine it, or may apply with a pragmatic task that will include meaning in addition to the usual beautiful picture. That is why the quality of the briefing should be on top. Thanks to a clear brief, it is possible to formulate the task and criteria for accepting the result of the work. Initially, everything is based on the deadlines, the transparency of the web design development processes and the clarity of the stages that the client should also know about.

In any case, to be sure of the perfection of all work, you should give preference to the best web studio. To develop the
best app design, contact, a proven and reliable company, which will take into account all the wishes, prospects, briefs and trends of the modern market, and will do the job perfectly.