One of the outstanding features of the Android OS is animated background (Live Wallpaper). Live wallpaper is a series of moving images which gives a specific beauty to home screen and has some transition effects as you scroll between pages too. In addition to some default live papers available on Android, you can add other images as you wish. Next, we are going to get familiar with one of the coolest live backgrounds.

3D Image Live Wallpaper is considered as one of the coolest Android live wallpapers that has recently been made ​​available to users. This application will collect all of your images and photos and make them 3D and put them as a live wallpaper. Then the user can use all the desired photos as a background. This 3D background app needs gyroscope for proper functioning, because the movement of gadget will trigger the app to move photos in depth. In basic terms, the imaged will move in depth and by the user’s viewing angle while the icons and widgets will remain same. There is a possibility to configure the application reactions to the gadget’s movement. The discussed app, has the ability to process images with high resolution and therefore, it should not concern us from using it on tablets.


  • Supports high-resolution pictures.
  • Supports all image formats in Android devices to convert them to three-dimensional mode.
  • Rapid response to Android Gadget’s movements.
  • Configuration options for responding to the movements of bac kground Gadget

How to Add Live Wallpaper to Android Home Screen
After downloading and installing the Live Wallpaper, go to your Home Screen and hit Menu Button. Choose "Set Wallpaper" and then select Live Wallpaper. Find "3D Image Live Wallpaper" from the list. Tap settings to customize the Live Wallpaper. You can either choose custom images from Gallery, or use default wallpapers which are from Android Jelly Bean 4.2 wallpaper pack. In the Movement settings you get to customize Image buffer Zone to change freedom of movements, Sensitivity 3D  Depth tp change apparent depth, Modify pitch and roll movements, and set maximum rotation lock limit. There are other available settings too.


3D Image Live Wallpaper for the proper functioning needs gyroscope and Android 2.3 or above. Download 3D Image Live Wallpaper from Google Play.

Doesn't this live wallpaper remind you of something Special? Well, we give your a clue; Apple iOS 7 and its Parallax effect