3D Touch (Force Touch) was introduced alongside the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and lets the users do more with touching the screen. Here are the best 3D Touch Tips and Tricks on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus which gives you more functionality when pressing the screen with more pressure than a simple touch:


1. How to Enable/Disable 3D Touch on iPhone 6s (Plus)
3D Touch is enabled by default on the iPhone 6s, but if for any reason, it’s been disabled, just follow this path and make sure to toggle on the 3D Touch button: Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> 3D Touch

Note that, to open the 3D Touch shortcuts for a specific app, you shouldn’t just press and hold your finger on the app’s icon, and you need to press the icon with different degrees of pressure. And don’t worry, it might get some time to get used to using the 3D Touch properly. By the way, in this article when we say press the icon to open the 3D Touch shortcuts, we mean pressing with different pressure and not just pressing and holding.

2. How to Change 3D Touch Sensitivity on iPhone 6s (Plus)
The next thing you need to adjust before using the 3D Touch is the amount of needed pressure when pressing the screen. To change 3D Touch Sensitivity, follow this path and use the slider to adjust the pressure from light to medium to firm or between:

 Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> 3D Touch >> 3D Touch Sensitivity  


3. Take a Quick Selfie with 3D Touch
On the home screen, press the Camera icon to open the Camera’s 3D Touch shortcut, and simply select the Take Selfie button and jump right to the taking selfie screen. Other shortcuts are: Record Video, Record Slow-Motion videos and Take Photo using the main camera.


4. View an Address in the Maps with 3D Touch
Say, your friend has invited you for the launch and sent you the address via email. SO, you just open your email and press your finger on the given address to open the Peek view (Don’t forget how to press the screen to view the 3D Touch shortcuts). Now you get to peek the pinned address and if it is still unfamiliar, you just need to swipe up (while holding your finger on the screen) and then touch the Open in Maps option.


5. Move the cursor between characters with Force Touch
What would you do when trying to correct a word/character when typing? You just press and hold your finger on the word to be edited, the cursor gets visible and move it to the specific character. Right? But on the iPhone 6s, enabling the trackpad mode and moving the cursor between the characters is as easy as performing a 3D Touch (Force Touch) on the keyboard layout. I n other words, when you are typing and noticing the dictation error, force touch on the keyboard and move left or right to get to the exact character to be edited.


6. Update all apps at once with 3D Touch
Without using the 3D Touch feature, you have to open the App Store application, go to the Update tab and hit the Update All button to update all your apps at once. But if you use the Force Touch, you just need to press the App Store icon to open the 3D Touch shortcuts and then select the Update All option.


7. Enabling Trackpad and Moving between recent apps with Force Touch
How do you move between your recent open apps on iPhone? Double tap the home button to open the list and scroll between them? Well, the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6s (Plus) has made things easier. You just need to Force Touch the screen from the very left edge of the screen, and as soon as noticing the recent app coming up, you just need to swipe right to view the complete list in the app switcher menu.


8. Identifying a Song with 3D Touch
If you use the Shazam app to identify playing music, the 3D Touch feature makes the process of listening to the song by Shazam less than before. Force touch the Shazam icon on the home screen, and select the Shazam Now, so the app will start hearing to the playing song and get back to your with details of that song.


9. Send your location with 3D Touch and Get directions to home
Sending your current location has never been easier using the 3D Touch feature. Find the Maps icon on the home screen, press the icon slightly harder than usual to open the 3D touch mini-menu, then select the Send My Location button and share your location with family or friend. You can also use the 3D touch shortcuts for Maps to get the directions to home.


10. Bring life to the lock screen with Force Touch
Live Photo is a new feature on iOS, which lets you capture a quick video with just a second before and after capturing a photo. If you set a live photo as your lock screen wallpaper, you can view it by pressing the lock screen firmly and with pressure (the way you want to open the 3D Touch shortcut for an app). It’s so cool, isn’t it?


So, what are the other 3D Touch Tips and Tricks on iPhone 6s you use more often?