Do you have a hard time finding the best article rewriting and paraphrasing apps? It is common to have such situations when you are new to the blogging or writing field.

Being a beginner, you might not be able to research comprehensively and write extensively on any topic. Therefore, you may be feeling it hard to explore the list of hundreds of applications to find the best tool to do this.

Many bloggers use their handy devices to accomplish different tasks related to writing. For your assistance, we have enlisted some applications that will help you to rewrite articles or blogs.

By reading the upcoming sections, you can easily fulfill the requirements of this task. But we want to show background knowledge of this topic before giving access to the list of apps.

Let’s get started to rewrite any article without minimum manual interference.

Why rewriting or paraphrasing has become common?

The most important question that comes to mind is why it has become common to rewrite the content. It is common to have this when we look at thousands of apps or tools available on the internet.

We all know that 90% of our research depends on the internet instead of books or papers from the physical world. Due to this task, you will find thousands of results even for a single keyword or query by typing it in the search bar.

In this way, it is common to get plagiarism in our articles or blogs. Many people think that a writer does it intentionally but this is not the right conception.

When you are searching for data from the internet and keep reading multiple blogs, you may not notice that some of the concepts remained there while writing. In such a case, you may add those ideas, statistical data, or words unintentionally.

There is no difference either you are doing it intentionally or accidentally, you have to face the music in the end. Therefore, it is essential to rewrite the articles, lines, or words when found duplicated.

You should eliminate plagiarism from your article or blog at any cost to experience long-lasting results from your business or website.

Best article rewriting and paraphrasing apps

Whether you are searching for a plagiarism checking app or rewriting the application, you will find thousands of choices on Google Play. It is not an easy task to find the best one because of such a higher number of apps.

We have done proper research and analyzed many apps available on Google Play now. After our analysis, we have enlisted the following 4 best-rewriting apps and spinning apps.

You should read about them here and use them to rewrite the articles to eliminate any duplication if found.

1. Article rewriter and spinners

On the top of our list, we have an article rewriter application by Prepostseo. Unlike other apps, you will find several advanced features in this application.

As you know that it is not a straightforward task for a writer to rewrite his own words. It will be a complicated task as well as take enough time to avoid any mistakes.

This article rewriter and spinner will enable you to paraphrase the content within a fraction of a second. You don’t need to worry about the actual meanings of the context as it will take care of it.

By downloading this rewriting application on your phone, you only need to open it and paste the lines you want to rewrite. You can also directly upload a word document or PDF file in which you have that text.

After clicking on the Rewrite button, the tool will work on your content and change the original words with the new ones. The process won’t take more than a few seconds because of the fast processing of this application.

On the output screen, you will be given all the words that can be changed in a different color. You can edit manually by clicking on every word and having a look at the suggestions available.

In turn, you can confidently paraphrase any blog or article without stiffing your head with some dictionaries. You can also rely on the application’s output just by toggling off the button Edit Yourself available in the top menu.

Last but not least, you won’t need to pay for any subscription to rewrite your article with this application. You can easily use it for free for as many turns as you want and download the report on your mobil e.

2. Article rewriter

When we are talking about article rewriting the application, we can’t ignore the article rewriting tool by It is one of the best article rewriters available on Google Play.

Whether you are a beginner or expert in the writing field, you can pick this application and rewrite any type of content. It has a pretty simple interface that can be understood even by a layman of this field.

To use this article rewriter, you won’t need to pay anyone because it is also a free tool. You only need to download this application and start working with it.

In this app, you will find three working modes that you can switch just by tapping on the name. The method to use this application is pretty simple because of its user-friendly interface.

You can either upload the file or paste the text that you want to make unique by paraphrasing. Now, you only need to tap on the Rewrite Article button.

The tool will highlight all those words that can be changed from your content. You can tap on any word to see the word choices and pick the best fit for your content.

Once you have made all changes, you can either copy the text or download it on your device. The only reason to place this application on the second rank is advertisement banners.

Yes, you might have to watch a few ads to work with this application. Overall, it is the best application to rewrite the content without changing the actual meanings due to its AI technology.

3. Paraphrasing App

In the third place, we have a paraphrasing app by Prepostseo that will enable you to either rewrite sentences or rewrite paragraphs. In simple words, it means that you can either choose line-to-line editing or rewriting of the entire passages.

The designers have launched this application with up-to-the-mark features. You will get your text converted within a few seconds because of its smooth working.

This spin rewriter will enable you to utilize multiple filters like protecting capitalized words, preserving keyword adjustment, explicit subject specific words from editing, and a few others.

In short, this application will be good enough to use while you are looking to rewrite either a blog or a paper. The only problem with this application is its paid membership.

Yes, you can’t use this application even for a single rewriting task unless you have purchased the Gold membership. Once you have done this, you will be given account credentials like your email and password.

With those credentials, you can start using this application and rewrite the content that you have found plagiarized.

4. Paraphrasing Tool – AI Based

On the last of our list, we have a paraphrasing tool with advanced features. It is a free tool that will enable you to eliminate plagiarism from your content.

You only need to open this application and input the data either using the copy & paste method or direct upload. Once you have done this, the tool will process your content and show you 100% paraphrased content.

With this application, you can either choose to rewrite the whole article, lines, or paragraphs. The only issue in this application is its complex interface.

You have to be aware of working with such tools if you want to get reliable outcomes. In short, you only need to pay a little bit of attention while using this application to rewrite an article for free.

Final Wrap

We have made this list after research of hours just for writers with any experience. You can download any of these and start paraphrasing the sentences that you have found duplicated.

We recommend you to use any of the top two apps because of their multiple features and smooth working. By using any of these, you can simply remove plagiarism from your content.