Android development is a modern, prospective development on the job market, and the career field is open for creative and analytical people alike. Yet, there is a question: how can a person start a career as an Android developer? 

Naturally, you will need a resume or a cv to get hired for any development-related position. You need such a document even if you do not have experience in this job market. You may apply for a professional cv writing service to complete the job. You want to get professional help for more than one reason. 

Many hiring managers and recruiting firms use an automated applicant tracking system. ATS bots scan resumes and CVs for key skills and choose applicants, respectively. Therefore, you need more than professional skills fit for the job, and you must also provide them right. 

Nevertheless, the document requires at least some substance. This article will explore how to start a career as an Android developer. 

Learn your responsibilities 
Before diving into full-fledged Android development, you need to know what exactly developers do. Android development is a flexible occupation that includes different directions. Android developers program the app’s logic, create user interfaces, and work with databases and APIs. 

You will be involved in one of these tasks depending on your position. 

Become a tester
Application testing is a prospective field for starting a career in development. Testers do not simply try to break an app’s logic; they work through all possible scenarios of communication with an application and write down any related deviations. 

A software tester is a tedious and not very exciting job. Yet, it is a great way to learn the basics of the development cycle, grasp the inside outs of Android applications logic, and gain some work experience in the industry. 

Learn necessary skills 
Android developers need a wide variety of skills. However, tackling the essential items would be beneficial for you. You need to know a programming language, namely, Java or Kotlin. 

Another necessity is the Android SDK. You should be familiar with the following concepts: 

  • Storing data
  • User’s inputs
  • Action bars
  • Getting data from the web.
  • XML knowledge

If you know these, you can be an Android developer. 

There are other skills and knowledge that you should acquire, but focusing on these will help you start. Applying the knowledge in practice is important too. Android developers do not work alone. Therefore, you need to have decent communication skills too. 

Release your app
The best way to start a career as a developer is to become one. You may develop and release a small, non-commercial app. The main idea behind it is not to earn money but to have proof of your qualification. 

With an actual app behind your back, you can bargain for a position as a junior developer. According to Indeed, the average salary of a developer is $125 000 per year. With a released app, you will have more chances to reach these numbers. 

Bottom line 
Android development is a prospective job position in the modern job market. Yet, a career start is challenging due to the necessity of having a boy-beating resume and a high entry threshold. 

Learning the essentials via software testing and independent app release may be a practical way of starting a career in the industry.