Ever want to create beautiful text pictures and graphical text messages to post on Instagram or other social networks with you Android device, but didn’t know how and didn't feel creative enough?
Well, on Android there are so many powerful applications specifically designed to create cute picture messages out of a text. All with one specific common feature: Compatibility with most of the social networks especially Instagram. In the following we review 5 best Android apps which helps you create beautiful text pictures with so many other features and options:

1. Textgram - Instagram Text


Award winning Textgram, offers plenty of default libraries: backgrounds, emoji, stickers, filters and frames as well as many cool text effects (reflection, shadow, rotation & more). This one I must say, is the most complete and powerful text effect application in the market. The UI is pretty impressive and intuitive. There is a large interactive preview that lets you move, rotate or delete the items by dragging. The application runs as a wizard to make it easy for everyone to use. It also offers an online store where you can additionally add new templates, background, filters, fonts & more. The app contains a lot of libraries so expect to see some slowness when navigating through menus.

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2. InstaText - Instagram Text


Add texts on pictures in an easy to use UI. InstaText offers a large collection of backgrounds, frames, stickers and more. Within its interactive preview panel, it is easy to resize, rotate, move and edit the items by touching. All you need to do is to enter your text and now you can add stickers, choose a photos, apply some filters, adjust the text position, change size, font and color and when it’s done, share it over Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or any other social networking or image sharing app.

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3. InstaText - Instagram Text

Not as flexible as the two other apps, but still one of the best text editing applications. The app includes a vast library of stickers, backgrounds fonts and frames. I really love the fonts and frames this application offers. Just spend some creativity and have a good mix to make a unique picture message. The preview panel, unlike other two apps, does not allow rotation or deletion, although you can still move the items by hand.

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4. InstaQuote: add text to photos


InstaQuote does not offer any stickers, frames or filter, instead it focuses more on creating inspiring text photos using its default library of templates. Plus InstaQuote gives over 50 unique and creative font choices. The interface is indeed powerful and easy to use. I really like how InstaQuote previews the fonts and displays the color picker dialog. The application offers some ready-to-buy backgrounds separated in different categories.

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5. Tweegram


TweeGram is based on styles. Using Tweegram you will be able to transform your thoughts into wonderful images just by choosing the style that best matches your ideas. All you need to do is write that thought choose a style from collection of over 100, and share it, the message is generated as an image that the user can share directly with their timeline. The users can easily interact with the items and move the text or adjust the sizes. Not as flexible as Textgram or Instext, but still great.

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 Although each of these applications have their own pros & cons, it’s up to you to decide which of these application better fulfils your requirements. I would recommend Textgram due to its high flexibility and power. Which one do you choose to create beautiful text pictures and share them on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks?