This article is about Android apps for blind people. So you can aid the blind with Android apps too. Blind people use some equipment, like walking sticks, to get over their impairment. Thanks to technology, Android devices with some certain apps can help the blind and self impaired people. We have chosen the best Android apps for visually impaired and blind people. Let's get started.


Google TalkBack

One of the best ways to aid the blind with Android apps is Google Talkback. It is an accessibility service that helps the blind. Once it is enabled, it will read everything you touch by single tap and it will select what you touch on triple tap. You should use two fingers to scroll. It seems to be perfect for the blind. Actually, it is pre-installed on most of the Android devices. For enabling this service, follow these steps:

  • Go to "setting".
  • Select "Accessibility".
  • Enable "TalkBack" in the "services" section.


ShinePlus Screen Reader

Another good app among Android apps for blind people is ShinePlus. First of all you should choose how it works. It can magnify the words for the ones who are not completely vision impaired. It can also read what you touch which exactly works like the previous app. After installing, the app you should go to "Accessibility" in "Setting" and enable "ShinePlus" to enable the app.


Blind Communicator

Blind Communicator is another great app among Android apps for visually impaired people. It is a launcher with a very simple user space which is very suitable for the blind and has a voice guide that tells everything happening on your device. It contains Messages, Calls, Contacts, Music, Internet, Alarms, Voice Recorder, Applications, Setting and Status which are the necessary apps. It is also compatible with TalkBack.


GetThere GPS

Another way to aid the blind with Android apps is GetThere GPS. It is a GPS Navigator designed specifically for the blind. It doesn't show any maps but it will tell you where you are and what is around you and how to reach your destination and if you go wrong it will inform you and tell you how to get back. It should be very useful.


Straight Line Walk for Blind

Our last recommendation among Android apps for blind people is Straight Line Walk. It helps you walk in a straight line using your device's compass and it doesn't use GPS. It can be very helpful for blind people.

So, these were the apps for the blind. They help blind people use Android devices as well as other people and they also help them find their way to reach their destination. Hope you find it useful.

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