Nowadays, programming is an extremely crucial skill. In our always-on world, technology drives almost all aspects of our daily activities. Every interaction you have with a modern device—whether it's using an iPhone to call a loved one or buying your favorite scent on Amazon—is the result of labor-intensive programming. Any smart device needs precise coding instructions to function.

In a world where programming is the one skill that seems future-proof, you might be considering entering the lucrative industry. Yet, amid a never-ending stream of educational apps offering guidance in different programming languages, how do you know which one's best?

If you're feeling confused, worry no more. We take a look at the 5 best android apps to learn programming to help you get started. Let's dive in!

CodeGym tops our list of coding apps for learning Javascript - one of the most important and sophisticated coding languages. The program, which is totally free, is designed to help novices and experts alike practice their abilities and master Java code. As an added bonus, learning with CodeGym is as entertaining as it can get, featuring ample mission games and eye-popping visualizations. All this is coupled with one-of-a-kind lectures, tests, and, most importantly- practice.

CodeGym's extreme focus on practice is what makes it a go-to app for millions of coding enthusiasts worldwide. As with any other endeavor, constant practice is the backbone of successful programming. Just as you would pay for custom research paper to practice your writing skills and bring your craft to perfection, your approach to coding should be the same. No pain, no gain!

Programming Hub 
With over 5,000 programs in 25 languages, Programming Hub offers a massive amount of top-notch content that stems from extensive research and superb knowledge of coding trends. Programming Hub makes sure the courses are easily digestible to help novices gain skills without any hindrance. What's more, all successful students receive an official certificate upon completion to use for their career goals.

Mimo is one of the best educational apps for learning coding. It focuses on helping students amass all the necessary ski lls for embarking on lucrative careers in software development. Featuring an excellent online learning platform and around-the-clock instructor support, Mimo is your best bet for nailing your dream developer job. The app offers world-class lessons in all major coding languages, including Javascript, Python, HTML, and more.

Mimo's elegant and simple interface is designed to be easily readable on smaller screens like Android phones. What's more, Mimo's team offers significant support to all students wishing to craft elaborate coding portfolios.

If you're looking for a stellar coding app for novices, look no further than Grasshopper. This beginner-friendly app created by Google coders explains complex Javascript through entertaining puzzles and games and delivers real-time feedback for your ultimate growth. With Grasshopper, you can learn android app development through both expert instruction and fun and gradually proceed through increasingly difficult stages. Once you're done, you'll graduate with core programming skills to rise and shine in your career!

Fill-in-the-blank puzzles, expert advice, and user-friendly interaction - are just a few of the benefits that make up Grasshopper's elaborate coding world. Make sure to check the app out if you're just starting out!

Last but not least, Codemurai is another totally free app for learning to code on the go.  Codemurai features a plethora of brief lessons on a variety of programming best practices, as well as top-notch development tools to guarantee you master all the necessary skills. Each course offers coding tests, regular quizzes, and practice activities to assess each user's expertise. 

Whether you're a novice just starting out or a professional looking to brush up on your skills, Codemurai can help you in many ways. Building user-friendly websites, game development, sophisticated languages like Angular 2 and MongoDB- you name it! There is virtually nothing in software development that you cannot find here.

Final Thoughts 
Programming is our century's golden skill that powers modern-day technological interactions and offers limitless potential for taking the tech world to ever-new heights. Whether you wish to embark on a rewarding career or turn your brilliant idea into great software that's gonna change the world, these 5 best learning apps will help you on the way. Best of luck!