Have you ever wondered why battery technology in mobile phones is not improving as fast as other parts of phones like display, CPU, and camera? Well, we are not going to answer this question in this article but what we are going to do is introducing 5 best Android apps which come to improve battery life of your Android phone. The general idea behind these apps is to close unused app and disable unnecessary features to boost the battery life. So, let’s explore some of the best Android Battery Saver Apps

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Juice Defender Ultimate

Speaking of Android battery saver apps and battery optimizer apps, the Juice Defender triplet (JD battery saver, JD Plus, and JD Ultimate) are a big help. The app series automatically understand what you usually do with your phone and what the most used features are, and then change the setting of WiFi, CPU power usage, brightness and more automatically to increase the battery life of your Android phone. In the free version, you have fewer features and connections to manage and you are allowed to have limited profiles. Download Juice Defender Ultimate from Google Play.


2x Battery - Battery Saver

Does this app actually double the battery life? Some say battery last about three times more than before installing the app.  But what we know for sure is that it makes significant change to the battery life and increases it noticeably. 2x Battery comes with lots of options and features. It manages internet connections (Both Wi-Fi and mobile connections 3G, 4G) to let the battery last longer. The app uses some advanced algorithms to find the efficient way to manage the connections and ending the background data or opened apps. You also get to see some info about battery; Battery health, Voltage, and more. Download 2x Battery - Battery Saver from Google Play.


Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget

Download this app to make all the worries about batter y life go away. It comes with some powerful home screen widgets which lets you kill the entire extra task with just one tap (It is called One-Tap-Optimizer). Du Battery Saver analyzes the power consumption and provides an optimized setting to bring you more battery life. The preset setting comes in 3 modes: General Mode, Long Standby, and Sleep Mode for different types of usage and different time of day. Download Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget from Google Play.


GreenPower Free Battery Saver

Unlike other battery saver apps, GreenPower doesn’t need any manual setting and does everything automatically. The smart way to control the communications and toggle them off when possible, make us put it on our top Android battery saver apps. The premium version of Green Power lets you define a white list and it means the apps in the list need to be connected to the internet continuously. Of course there is a black list too. Wi-Fi management based on location or signal level is another feature of this powerful battery saver app. Download GreenPower Free Battery Saver from Google Play.


Battery Defender

Battery Defender is a completely free Android battery saver and unlike the other 4 apps, there is no such premium thing and the entire features come with this free version. This free app manages data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS to stop wasting battery life over unused connections. You can preset sleeping time to automatically turn off data connection while you are sleeping. Download Battery Defender from Google Play.


So, what do you think about these apps? Have you ever used any Android battery saver app or you just believe in the default task manager of your device?

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