Calculator is one of the most basic and important human’s tools to measure the world around him. Calculators are designed in various shapes with slightly different application and how to be used. Calculator apps have been designed for Android as well. In today AW Center article we are getting to know five of the best Android calculator apps on the Play Store.

Quick Math: This calculator has been specifically designed for the tablets and has three main functions: Geometric calculations, unit conversion and solving equations. In the calculations of triangles, circle and polygons are available. For example, by entering the radius of a circle we can get the area and perimeter of it. Moreover, the calculations of three-dimensional objects such as sphere, cylinder and cube are seen here too. In the unit conversions, units such as, temperature, volume, length, weight, and etc. are supported. The equation solving section is very useful to engineers. It can solve multi-degree equations and gradient equations.

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Quick Math Free: A very useful and comprehensive Android calculator app that performs all accountings. The app can do engineering calculations such as solving equations, unit conversion for length, surface and volume, geometric calculations such as finding angles and sides of triangles, fitness calculation such as calculating the used and burned calories, accounting calculations such as calculating financial income and expenses, and do your daily routine expenses. Hence we are facing a super multi-function calculator which does many things from the engineering calculations to accounting ones. The app’s interface is very simple and clear, and you will not have trouble using it.

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Mobi Calculator Free: is an engineering calculator in an elegant and simple interface which meets the needs of a regular engineering calculator. The app can calculate trigonometric calculations , percentage, time, logarithms and many more in different numbers and angles. This calculator let the user to change the background.

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Calculator ++: is another great Android calculator which can meet the basic needs of engineers. This engineering calculator has a special feature that can illustrate the graph. To name some of particular features of this program we can say, special widgets, the instantaneous calculation, Smart Cursor Move and special buttons for copy and paste. The only negative point of this calculator is displaying advertising!

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Calculator plus Free: the last application which is going to be discussed is the coolest one that has been designed for high resolution Android gadgets, particularly tablets. This calculator does not have the ability to perform engineering calculations and just plain ones. Calculator plus features a multi-window support for the Samsung Tablets too. The interface is really great and is the best choice if you are looking for a simple calculators for basic tasks.

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 There are still so many other great apps in the calculator category, with some innovative ideas. We have already reviewed one of the best Android calculator widgets, and the other Android calculator worth trying, is MyScript Calculator which lets you draw mathematical expressions with your finger or stylus and the app does both converting and calculating.