Keyboard is one of the most important features of the phone and it is used several times in a day. Being comfortable with your keyboard is very important. When you easily type with no mistakes you save a lot of time. Many of smartphones have good keyboards, like Samsung Galaxy keyboard, LG keyboard, HTC Keyboard, Huawei Keyboard … but some people are not satisfied with them. So if you are one of them, you can use Android keyboard apps to change your default keyboard on Android. Some people would like to change skin of keyboard, change theme of the keyboard, use other Emojis, have a keyboard with a different size … So, if you want to change your default keyboard on Android, these are the 5 best keyboards for Android.


SwiftKey Keyboard

One of the greatest keyboards for Android is Swiftkey Keyboard. It is very enjoyable to use this keyboard. Its artificial intelligence learns about what words and Emojis you use the most and helps you in typing. The keyboard comes in a variety of colors and themes and you can customize it easily. It supports more than 100 languages and a lot of Emojis so you can choose whichever you like. All in all, it's a great keyboard.


Google Keyboard

Another great app among Android keyboard apps is Google Keyboard. It's a very simple and useful keyboard and it's one of the ways to experience stock Android. One of its features is gesture typing. You can slide your finger from a letter to another and it completes the word before you are done. Another feature is voice typing. Speak to your phone and it writes what you say, a great and easy way to write. It learns what you write and helps you with auto correction and word prediction. It supports a lot of languages and has one h anded mode that can become handy. With all of these features, it's a good way to change your default keyboard on Android.


Calvis Keyboard

Another good keyboard among Keyboards for android is Calvis Keyboard. The keyboard is just like PC keyboards, so it's a good choice for PC lovers. It's mainly meant for tablets because a PC-like keyboard needs to be big. It is not only like a PC keyboard but also it functions like PC keyboard. You can use the traditional Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V and see the result. You can use Shift or Caps Lock to write with capital words … You can also customize its themes.


Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons is another cool app. As the name suggests, it is a cute and simple keyboard with a lot of Emojis. It includes a lot of Emojis, symbols, stickers … It also has a lot of themes and supports auto correction and word suggestion.


My Photo Keyboard

Our last recommendation in this article is My Photo Keyboard. It's a brilliant app for the ones who care a lot about the theme. You can set your own picture as the background of the keyboard in this. It also has a lot of themes and Emojis and supports auto correction and next word suggestion and you can also adjust its size.


So, in this article we learnt about the best Android keyboards. The differences between them were themes, Emojis, style and how simple and useful they are. Hope you have found the one you were looking for in this article.