In the previous article about NFC, we discussed the NFC technology and its applications. We mentioned that, the main application of the NFC is the new payment system through NFC enabled terminals. We also, discussed the NFC tags which can be used to store important data on them. These data can be a link to a specified website or a specific action which can trigger by that tag. Today, we are going to get familiar with best Android NFC apps, NFC reader apps and generally the apps for managing and using NFC technology on your Android device.

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- NFC Task Launcher: The applications of this app are a lot wider and interesting than other NFC apps and we can call it simple the best Android app for NFC applications. This app can help you, to establish arbitrary relations between your cell phone and NFC tags. The app is used to program the tags with your action to be executed as soon as the cell phone is near the tag.

Suppose that you have a NFC tag, and every night before going to sleep, you change your phone’s profile to silent, dim the screen brightness and several other things, so in this case you don’t need to repeat those actions every night. You can program the NFC tags and put them near your bed and when you want to sleep, just take your phone close to tags and everything will be done automatically.

You may also use an NFC tag in your car and program it in the way that, a navigation app starts as soon as you hold your phone close to the tag.

Download NFC Task Launcher from Google Play


- Business Card Holder with NFC: This application is used to manage the business cards by the NFC. For example, the user can save his business card and share it with others through the NFC. It just needs to get two phones close to each other. In addition, the app support s several cards at a same time. The card information is saved on the application and can be retrieved later.

Download Business Card Holder with NFC from Google Play


- NFC TagInfo: is an application to read the information stored on the NFC tags. If you have NFC tags or RFID cards and were always wonder what data is on them, you can use TagInfo to read their data. It can read and show several information on NFC tags such as raw information (in Hex, ASCII and UTF-8 formats), access levels, e-certificates, stored information on a file and many more.

Download NFC TagInfo from Google Play


- NFC Doctor: an advanced tool for the management of NFC tags. Easy tool with three main functions: read, write and erase! Which with these function can manage the NFC tags simply. You just need to turn on your NFC, choose one of the functions and get the tag close to your phone, and that’s it.

The read function will read stored information on the tags. In addition the app will show if the tags is writable or just readable. Write function is used to put information such as a link on the tags.

And finally, the erase function, is used to delete the current saved information on the tags. There are two options in here, restore to factory default or erase all information on the card.

Download NFC Doctor from Google Play


- Octopus Balance Reader: Let’s finish with a local application. This application is for those who own an Octopus credit card. This is a credit card from the banks in Hong Kong which can used for several different payment methods. This card can show you, your account balance. You just need to turn on your NFC and bring your card closer to your gadget. The app doesn’t need Internet connection and works offline.

Download Octopus Balance Reader from Google Play