In our daily life, we do a series of different things during the day and if we use a plan we'll do all of them properly. Best features of Todoist on Android will be introduced to you to make you familiar with this to-do list app and so, you can use this app to plan your daily tasks with it and get them done with no flaws. Todoist Android app offers various great features and it's one of the best Android to do list apps but among these features, we chose 5 of them to introduce to you. Let's get started.


Create Recurring Tasks

This feature comes in very handy when you repeat a task constantly. Creating the same tasks from time to time can get boring and time consuming but Todoist Android app has got a solution for it. You can easily create recurring tasks in Todoist and after setting the times of repetition, it will start reminding you about the tasks in the proper times and you won't need to set them each time you want to do them again.


Location Based Reminders

Well, not all Android to do list apps support this feature but you can also set location based reminders in Todoist. Imagine that you have a meeting in a café with someone. If you set a location reminder, on arriving there, it will remind you to do something like ordering coffee before you guest arrives. So, it can be very useful. All you need to do is to change time and date into loc ation when you're setting a reminder.


Capture Tasks with Email

Before using Todoist Android app for the first time, you must sign up; so, you'll have a specific account for Todoist. It will give you a Todoist Email addresses for each project which you can find in the menu of task actions icon at the top right hand side of the list. So, whenever you get an email related you with your job and you want to make it a task in Todoist, you can send it to the project Email address and it will be a task in Todoist.



If you accidentally delete an important task that contained significant information in Todoist, you don't need to worry. Todoist backs up your data each day and you can find your deleted task in backups. You can find them in setting section under the backups tab.


Color Coding Similar Labels

Well, if you create lots of tasks, you might need organizing them in order to find them easily. There are different labels for different kind of tasks and you can choose a specific color for a label and another color for the other. At last, you'll have an easy job finding your tasks.


So, these are the best features of Todoist on Android. It is one of the best Android to do list apps and offers a great variety of features that 5 of them attracted us more. I hope you find them useful.

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