In the modern world we're living in, life has become more comfortable and you get to do everything with your phone. Best features of Uber on Android will be introduced to show you how easy it is to get a ride on your phone. If you're familiar with Uber, you should know that it's a system for getting rides on your devices and it has one of the best Android ride sharing apps. If you're interested, here are the 5 best features of the Uber Android app.


Get a Ride in No Time

Well, if you remember the days you had thrust out your hand to get a taxi and how much time it took, you'll think of Uber Android app as a brilliant substitute for it. Wherever you are, use the app to get a ride and determinate your destination. It will tell one of the nearby drivers to pick you up and you'll find yourself sitting comfortably in the car in just a few minutes.



You might be worried that the prices might be high in this comfortable service but there's nothing to worry about. The prices are completely logical and Uber's services are even cheaper than other services with Android ride sharing apps. The base price is fixed but cost might differ based on your destination but again, the prices are logical.


Choose What Ki nd of Ride You Want

Uber has different ride options and if you want a friendly driver with a car of their own, you can choose Uber X and XL options. You can chat with the driver on the way and entertain yourself. XL provides you with a larger car so there's room for more passengers. UberBlack is the classic Uber ride and provides you with black luxury sedan driven by a professional driver.


Rate the Drivers

Well, there are different kinds of drivers and the passengers should feel comfortable while sitting in their cars. You can show how much you are satisfied with the drivers by rating them on the Uber Android app. Each driver should at least have a 4.6 rating to be able to work as a driver in Uber. So, it can be assuring that the drivers are completely qualified for the job.


The Widest Availability in the World

Well, these kinds of services are not available in all countries but Uber has the widest availability among the Android ride sharing apps with availability among 58 countries. So, you have a bigger chance of getting a ride from Uber than other services.


So, these are the best features of Uber on Android. With the brilliant features offered by this service, you can easily get a ride and enjoy the way to the destination.

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