All the Android devices come with a pre-installed note taking apps but there are also other various apps for that. Google Keep tips and tricks on Android will be introduced today to make you more familiar with this app and help you get more out of it. It's one of the best Android note taking apps with various features by Google which makes it compatible with other Google services too. If you want to know more about it, here are 5 tips for Google Keep Android app.


Color Code Notes by Type

A great way to organize your notes is color coding them. It might seem that choosing a color for your notes just makes it more beautiful but it keeps your notes tidy in Google Keep Android app. For example, you can set the job related notes on yellow, or class related notes on green and at last you'll have different categories of notes. You can also search your notes based on their color and it will help you find your notes easily.


Use Time and Place Reminder

Most of the Android note taking apps have reminders for future time and you can set alarms based on dates and times. Google Keep Android app has another feature too and it's adding a location to your reminder too. You just need to change reminder type from time to place when you're creating it and then, you can choose the location on the map and the location reminder is set.


Organize Notes with Labels

Another way to organize your notes and reminders is labeling them. While other Android note taking apps use the name of tags, Google Keep uses labels. You can easily add labels by going to the overflow menu and selecting labels. There you can add new categories to add to your notes.


Dictate Your Notes

If you don't want to type your notes, there is an easy way to get them typed. You'll just say it to the device and it will type it for you. Even though it might make some mistakes but it works correctly most of the time. You can activate it by selecting the microphone icon in the note lists or the widget.


Scan Your Handwritten Notes

For most of the people, writing the notes by hand is much easier than typing on a touch screen. With Google Keep, you can easily scan your handwritten notes and turn them into digitalized ones. You can take the picture of your note with the camera of your device, then add it to the note and tap on it. Then you should open the overflow menu and tap on Grab Text Image. After a few seconds, your handwritten text will turn into a digital one.


So, these are the best Google Keep tips and tricks on Android. It's a great note taking app that if you know it properly, you can get what you want from it and I hope we have showed you a good deal of it.

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