Now that Google is making smartphones called Google Pixel, we can expect brilliant features from Android. We'll introduce the best Google Pixel accessories in order to help you buy the essential tools for it, because they will be very useful in different occasions. You'll need them at home, on the street, in your car, while exercising, on road trips and many other occasions. We'll introduce a Google Pixel case, an armband, a screen protector, a car charger, and a Google Pixel dock. Let's get started.


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DGtle Google Pixel Case

People mainly use cases for their phones to protect them from impacts, especially while dropping them but aside from protection, the case should look elegant. DGtle Google Pixel Case is a skillfully made case that fits perfectly to Google Pixel and the exact cuts and curves, allows you to use all the features in Google Pixel. It is made of flexible TPU material that can relieve you from the fear of dropping the phone. They come in various colors and you can choose whichever you like the best.


iBenzer Water Resistant Armband

This one can be very useful in exercising; however, you can use it on every occasion to keep Google Pixel and other stuff in it. The armband can hold up to phones with 5.5 inch screens, which means Google Pixel perfectly fits in it. The plastic cover in the front allows you to use the touch scre en and you can use it to do things like answering the calls. You can also keep your keys, cards and some cash in it.


OMOTON Screen Protector

As I said we use cases to protect our phones, but they don't protect the screen. If you want to protect your screen from scratches and even cracks, you should try screen protectors. OMOTON Screen Protector fits perfectly to Google Pixel's screen and protects your screen with a 9H hardness rating, which means it can also resist against knives and keys.


Meagoes USB Type C Charger

Car chargers come in very handy, especially on road trips. We use our phones everywhere and they need to be charged. So, the best way is using car chargers when you're not home. Meagoes car charger is a great device for this purpose and offers two USB ports: a normal one and a USB Type-C port. It works as well as possible and comes with blue LED lights that seem to be useful at nights.


Encased Google Pixel Dock

If you're looking for a dock with elegant and sleek design that comes with a USB Type-C port to charge your phone, you should give Encased Google Pixel Dock. It is designed in a way that is compatible with most cases and you don't get into trouble with them while using the dock. Encased offers a lifetime warranty for it, as well.


So, these are the best Google Pixel accessories. They are essential for different purposes and anyone who buys them never regrets paying for them.

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