Are you one of those who believe live wallpapers are useless and the liveliness brought by these apps is not worth sacrificing the battery? Well, this article may change your mind, since we are going to introduce 5 best live wallpaper clock for Android which bring beauty to the background of your device no matter you are looking for some apps on the app drawer, some widgets on the home screen, or on your lock screen.

How to set a live wallpaper on Android:

  1. Download Live Wallpapers from Google Play Store
  2. Tap and hold on an empty place on the home screen
  3. Select Live Wallpaper from the opened window
  4. Choose your favorite wallpaper or Live Wallpaper

Now let's review the Live Wallpapers Clock Apps:

1. ReGular Clock Live Wallpaper
This is a simple LW clock app which can show both time and date with a simple yet beautiful design (It also shows the current moon phase). You can change the size of hands to make it more readable and change the hand movements to Smooth mode to feel like a real analog clock. If you upgrade to Pro version you get to change text size, clock size, background color and its placement on screen. This lightweight application asks for no permission and you will love the way shadows change as the time passes.
Download From Google Play

2. 2Timer Clock Live Wallpaper
This is another clock live wallpaper developed by ARTware which supporting and showing 2 time zones at the same time, is its significant difference over ReGular Clock Live Wallpaper. When adding the live wallpaper, you can adjust time, hand movements, hand width and background as well as the time zone for the second analog clock. Unlike the first clock LW, there is no shadows or effect when showing time and if you need to check 2 time zones at the same time, this app is going to be defiantly your first choice.
Download From Google Play

3. Black Clock LiveWallpaper

A set of rotating gears with a stylish design. In the free version you have no option to customize but if you upgrade to the premium version, you get to turn on/off gears rotation and change the speed, change the place of clock, add weather information as well as a barometer. Since you have no option to change the background color or brightness, you may have problems finding suitable widgets to go with this dark theme as the background.
Download From Google Play

4. Neon Clock GL Live wallpaper

We just loved this lightweight, rich feature, with ultimate customization Android Live Wallpaper Clock application. You get to select one or all of these widgets on the live wallpaper: Clock, Calendar, CPU meter, Battery meter, Memory meter, Compass, and weather indicator. Available customizations are: changing the color Scheme and background image, Number of trails and their colors, widget size, color and placement, and selecting between a digital clock and analog clock as the live wallpaper clock. Unlike the other 3 apps with limited personalization features, here you can change almost everything based on your tastes and mood.
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5. Flower Clock Live Wallpaper

This app is all about beauty of nature by using flowers as the clock faces and beautiful natural landscapes as the live wallpaper background. You get to choose a clock face from 24 default flowers, an animated background or photo still background from 20 default landscapes (Note that some of these object may require payment to use). If you like the available themes, then you have plenty of options to combine, and the only drawback we can mention is about the size of Flower Clock LW, which uses about 90Mb of RAM and needs to download 20MB of data when installing from Google Play (On Nexus 7 2).
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In Overal, if you are looking for a simple, easy to read clock live wallpaper app, we recommend  ReGular Clock Live Wallpaper. For getting more features and options to customize and personalize, we would definitively go for Neon Clock GL Live wallpaper.