People who want to keep their plans organized find to-do list apps for Android useful in their everyday life. We'll discuss cool Any.Do features on Android today and find out about some amazing extra features you can use in this brilliant app. Any.Do Android app helps you keep your plans on your device and track them easily but aside from the things to-do list apps for Android can do, Any.Do can help you in your other daily life. Keep on reading to know them.


Reminds You to Return Missed Calls

Well, it's one of the cool features makes Any.Do Android app different from others. Once you've installed the app, it will inform you about the missed calls and remind you to call them back. You can set the app to remind you about the missed calls after minutes, hours or days and it's really convenient for the times you are busy. You can also disable this feature.


Send a Quick SMS to the Caller You Can't Talk To At the Moment

Again, this feature can come in very handy when you're busy or don't want to talk to somebody at the moment. You can use it to send a Quick message like "Can't talk now. What's up?" and the caller will know you're busy. You can also type some messages instead of the templates and send them to the callers when it's necessary.


Quickly Create To-Dos via Email

You can directly turn your Gmail messages into to-d os using Any.Do Chrome extension but if you prefer to use other browsers, it's not the end of the world. You can turn your emails into to-do lists by sending them to [email protected] from the email you've signed up to the app. The subject of the message will be the actual to-do and the body will turn into notes.


Shake the Phone to Clear Finished To-Dos

Well, it's pretty simple. If all the finished and unfinished to-dos are piled and distract you from what you're doing, you can simply shake your phone to clear out the extra ones and focus on the remaining to-dos.


Create Repeating Reminders

Well, sometimes you need to do something for more than one time. Here are the tips to do it in Any.Do Android app:

  • Tap on the to-do and open the options below the reminder text.
  • Select blue reminder bell to open the reminders screen.
  • Set date and time for the to-do then tap on the blue bell to be notified when the time comes.
  • Tap on the repeat option below the reminder bell and change "once" into "once a day", "once a week", "once a month" or "once a year".

That's all you have to do.


So, these are the cool Any.Do features on Android and they make it one of the special to-do list apps for Android. You will be able to keep your affairs organized with it while using these other cool features.

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