Android and iOS are the two most famous operation systems for smartphones and tablets. People always compare these two operation systems. Here we introduce some Android features, not available in iOS.

1: Personalizing: Android is based on Linux core and it inherits Linux Open Source features. In an Open Source System you are free to apply any fundamental changes to the OS, from graphical user interface to system operations. As the result it is possible to do any changes to the Android. This personalizing makes Android much more flexible than iOS.

2: Graphical User Interface: The iOS UI might be simple and beautiful, but gradually it gets boring as it is not possible to customize it. Unlike iOS, Android is completely flexible and customizable. You can add new graphical effects, personalized home screens, notifications, setup new profiles, icons, menus, etc. Above them all, the default Android UI is professional and Eye-catching.

3: Custom ROMs: If you are a professional Android user, you might have already installed custom ROM. Developers and hackers started developing these ROMs since the very beginning of Android development. These ROMs are often focused on one specific feature, like better GUI, improved stability, hardware performance, etc.

4: Widgets: Widgets are used as an application shortcut or to display app contents without the need to open them. They are mostly used to access Applications, Quick settings, Bookmarks, Contacts, Favorites, et c. A new feature is also available on Android Jelly Bean which enables you to use these widgets on your lock screen page.

5: Google Services integration: Google is a major provider for a variety of web services and cloud computing. Many of these services are also available on Android as an application. A good integration here solves many troubles and help users to easily access these services right on their Android device. These services are: Google Speech Recognition, Maps, Video, Email, Office, Social Network and many many more. For example if you receive an Excel file in Google Drive, you can simply view and even edit it using Google services. There are also many other features on Android, not available on iOS like Face Unlock or Pattern Lock. But what we reviewed here had more importance.

In this Article, Widgets are mentioned as one the advantages of Android, over iOS. Why don't you take a look at the following handpicked widget packs? you can also reach all the widget packs from Android Widget Packs page.

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