Slack is a team communication service that comes in useful for business and keeps coworkers in touch with each other. Hidden features of Slack on Android will help you make this communication better and you'll be able to have some fun during the work too. Slack Android app can coordinate the works between the workers and so, fewer mistakes will happen during the work and that's what makes Slack one of the best Android communication apps. Here are the hidden features of Slack Android app.


Custom Emoji

Here is a great feature for Slack Android app. It can be very useful and fun at the same time. You can use each coworker's Emoji instead of calling their name and based on the photos you use, it can be a fun experience unless the admins disable it. On the other hand, if there are two people with the same name, these Emojis will prevent confusion. You can also create other Emojis with various pictures which is a great feature for Android communication apps. All you need is to do is to head to this URL and set up a name for your Emoji between two ":"s and upload a 128px x 128px square image for it and then you and your coworkers can use it.


Custom Loading Messages

If you like to have some fun with coworkers, you can use this feature as a prank. In this feature, a message will show up while loading and it can be any message you like and everyone will be able to see it. You can set the loading message in this URL and if you set more than one, Slack will show the messages randomly.


Hide the Channels

If your slack seems messy because you are in too many channels, you need to clean it up a little bit to be able to work conveniently. You don't have to leave the channels but you can hide them and they only appear when you receive a message from them. It's a rare feature among Android communication apps and you can follow these steps to do it:

  • Go to setting
  • Choose preferences and advanced options
  • Change channel visibility


Giphy Integrations

It means that you can use /giphy and type the words you want in front of it to get the proper GIFs about it. You need to have enough powers to enable this feature and if it granted, then you can head to this URL and enable Giphy integration.


Set Reminders

You can use Slack to remind you about your affairs. You just have to type something like "/remind me in 30 minutes to get a copy of the documents" to Slack Bot and it will do as you have ordered and will privately remind you about it in the right time.


So, these are the hidden features of Slack on Android. They can be very useful for the users and coworkers can get the job done better by knowing these features.

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