There are various Android messaging apps that make it hard for us to choose one app to communicate but we'll discuss the hidden features of Viber on Android today, because it's one of the best ones and lots of users have preferred to use it. Viber Android app offers a wide range of great features and makes it pleasant to use it to chat with our friends; however, you might not know some of these features and we'll try to illustrate them for you in this article. Please stay with us to learn some tips and tricks for Viber.


Smart Notifications

When smart notification isn't on, you'll be notified for each message you get and that can become very irritating in many occasions. However, you can make it combine all the notifications in one by enabling smart notifications and you will be able to do what you want to do in peace. Here is how you do it:

  • Go to the chat you want to enable smart notifications for
  • Swipe to the left
  • Turn on Smart Notifications


Quick Switch between Conversations

Well, you can save some time by switching quickly between conversations instead of going to the main page every time. So, here is how you switch between conversations quickly.

  • Swipe to the right in the chat room and it will bring you a list of your active conversations
  • Choose the one you want to chat with


Hide Your Status

There are some times that you don't want others to know if you are online or if you have seen their messages. Viber Android app allow s you to hide these statuses and you can be comfortable about it. Here is how you hide seen status:

  • Tap on navicon
  • Choose setting
  • Go to privacy
  • Disable Send 'Seen' Status


And to hide Online Status:

  • Tap on navicon
  • Choose setting
  • Go to Privacy
  • Disable Share 'Online' Status


Hide Chats

If there is an individual or group you don't want others to access it, Viber offers an awesome feature you won't find in many other Android messaging apps. It lets you set a PIN code for them and even hide them from Viber chat screen. Here is how you hide and set a PIN code for the chats:

  • Go to the chat you want to hide
  • Tap on the username
  • Select the 3-dots on the top right
  • Choose Chat info
  • Select Hide this chat and set your password


And if you want to chat from chat screen:

  • Long press on the chat
  • Choose Hide Chat


Doodle On Any Photo

Like some other Android messaging apps, Viber Android app lets you doodle on the photos before sending to someone; so, you can whether decorate the photo or mention something in the picture. Here are the steps to doodle on photos:

  • Select the photo you want to send
  • Tap on 3-dots on the top right
  • Choose doodle on this photo
  • Draw what you want and at last, tap on send


So, these are the hidden features of Viber on Android. They can help you use the app more conveniently and so, you can be more comfortable with the app.

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