Making the process much more efficient and effective - technology is becoming an indispensable tool in learning. Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, and with computer desktops having replaced classroom desks, it's time to explore which apps are the most useful and productive for students. Here are our top five picks.

1. Google Drive
Google Drive is a swiss army knife of content management that students worldwide are using to a great extent. The program includes online storage, instant file synchronization, and an integrated office suite. It enables communication, teamwork, and feedback exchange between you and the teacher. 

Its Google Docs department is great for creating, editing, and managing written content (and yes, Microsoft nobly allows you to download the main rival of the Office). You can use Docs to create, store, and exchange all your academic writing. Alternatively, you can forget all that and use these best essay services to do your work, but be sure that your assigned writer will be the one using Google Docs in that case.

2. Wolfram Alpha
These days, you can Google a polar bear falling off a motorcycle and will likely end up with at least three videos and a scientific study on the subject. But sometimes, you have a very specific question and need a personalized answer, not to rummage through unrelated links that happen to share the keyword you typed. 

Wolfram Alpha is an AI-driven knowledge base that works on a question-answer basis. Here is how the process goes - you type in a very nuanced question pessimistically - expecting to land on useless junk; Wolfram, having studied your search tendencies through machine learning and featuring clever AI that knows what people mean, actually produces an answer you were looking for; you are pleasantly surprised and start to make use of located information. 

Wolfram portal is particularly useful when it comes to highly specialized topics and technical data. You can use it to look up info regarding statistics, equations, formulas, and much more.

Wolfram's algorithm makes sure to source information from reputable sources only, so you don’t have to worry about the credibility of data like with other search engines. 

3. Grammarly
If you somehow managed not to have used Grammarly by now and only know about it from ads in front of every single Youtube video, allow us the honor of familiarizing you with this very useful portal that blew up to worldwide use in mere months. 

Spe ll-checking software has been around for years, but Grammarly is so much more than that. It gives you wording and sentence-structuring suggestions, knowledgeable writing advice, and even styling cues - like having a lightning-fast volunteer writer at your service at all times. Grammarly has solidified its rightful place among the best apps for content writing you can use and continues to add new features and enhance its writing algorithm. 

4. Wondershare Edrawmind
Definitely the most interesting and unconventional entry on this list by a long shot. 

Wondershare Edrawmind is marketed as a collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming software. You can use it to take notes and create graphic charts to structure your thought process when preparing an academic project. Why deface your ideas by simply expressing them in writing when you can give them dimensions, visualizations, wholeness, and color 

they had in your head? 

For starters, the app will offer you ready-made templates of pie charts, diagrams, graphs, etc., and then you will have the option to modify and personalize your file. We will never be able to put every feature and use of this diverse and multi-platform tool in plain words,

so you just have to check it out for yourself.

5. Cold Turkey
Social networks, online games, video portals, and news sources are in a constant battle for your attention. But a lot of that attention has to be diverted from studying. In a world of educational apps, Cold Turkey is your online parent - it’s a screen time control app that blocks recreational websites during a pre-designated period to help you limit distractions and focus on your learning. 

In a world full of endless streams of entertainment, such a restrictive portal can highly increase efficiency and boost productivity for those with poor self-control and self-will. Why you would not simply enter a password and remove a block if you are impulsive enough to need such an app in the first place is another matter.


Final word
Technology has come up with tools to improve almost every aspect of learning, including content management, study planning, writing, organizing, and focusing. With the right tools at your disposal, you can make your learning much more efficient and impactful. 

Every app in our list is free to download and use (although some do offer premium versions with advanced features), and some, like Google Drive and Grammarly, have already become standard tools for most students.