As you know, Android launcher apps are made to give your phone a different atmosphere and organization. 5 Nova Launcher tips and tricks on Android will be discussed today, in order to help you get the most from one of the best Android launcher apps. Nova Launcher Android app has been one of the most popular launchers for years and if you are its user, you should know how many brilliant features it has got to offer. If you want to know more features, here are the Nova Launcher tips and tricks on Android.


Hidden Folders

If you want to access your most commonly used apps easily without scattering them in the home screen, Nova Launcher Android app has got a brilliant feature to offer. You can use Hidden Folders to put all your apps on home screen without making it look untidy. You'll see it as a single app that appears on your home screen and when you tap on it, it opens the app but when you swipe it, it opens the folder full of your common apps. Follow these steps to do it:

  • Drag your favorite apps into a folder
  • Long press on the folder and choose edit
  • Choose the icon you like
  • Change the name of the folder and adjust to Swipe to open and Tap action setting
  • Enable Swipe to open and from the Tap action menu, choose the first item in folder
  • You can make it transparent by going to Nova Setting, going to folders, going to background and setting transparency


Swipe Actions on Apps

If you want to open a related app to the app you use more by swiping, it will help you get it. Follow the steps below:

  • Long press on the icon
  • Select Edit
  • Choose Swipe action option
  • Choose the action


Swipe Actions on Home Screen

In this feature of Nova Launcher Android app, you can use different patterns like double finger swipe to open an app or a folder. If you like this feature, do as the steps below:

  • Go to Nova Setting
  • Find Gestures and Input
  • Go to Gestures section and draw a pattern for the actions you want to set for it


Double Tap to Lock

As the name suggests, you can lock your screen by tapping on screen. Follow these steps to turn it on:

  • Go to Nova Setting
  • Tap on Gestures and input
  • Select double tap and choose Screen Lock


Smooth Scrolling

Well, this feature is a very pleasant way of scrolling between the pages of your screen and it is made available by wipe scroll effect. Here is how you enable it:

  • Open up Nova Setting
  • Select Desktop
  • Go to scroll effect
  • Find Wipe and enable it


So, these are the tips to get a better use of Nova Launcher. These feature will help you have a convenient use of the app and they'll reassure you that it's one of the best Android launcher apps.

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