If you've used Android for years, you must know that Opera Mini is one of the apps that's been around for a long time. Opera Mini tips and tricks on Android will show you how to get a better use of it in this article and you'll be more delighted to use it. Although there are many browser apps for Android, but Opera Mini Android app has got its users because of its special features for saving data. Now, if you want to get more from it, here are 5 tips for you.


Get Rid of Ads and Save More Data

Not a lot of browser apps for Android support this feature but Opera Mini Android app has a built-in ad-blocker. Blocking Ads will enhance the speed of your browser and you'll have some piece of mind too. Follow these steps to block ads:

  • Go to Menu
  • Select Data Saving
  • Enable Block Ads

There are also some ads in the new tab page and might be annoying. Here are the steps to disable them:

  • Go to Menu
  • Find Setting
  • Tap on Advance
  • Select Start Page Content and choose Speed Dial Only


Turn Off Facebook Notifications

Once you login to Facebook from Opera Mini Android app, it starts sending Facebook notifications to your notification bar and it might get very irritating. However, you can easily turn it off by following these steps:

  • Go to Menu
  • Tap on setting
  • Choose Facebook Notification
  • Uncheck the first check box
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    Switch to Single Column Mode

    Browsing websites that are not optimized for phones with small screen can get difficult and annoying. The solution is to switch to single column mode and you won't have to scroll horizontally. This might not work properly on some websites but it will solve your problem with some other websites. Follow these steps to do it:

    • Go to Menu
    • Choose Setting
    • Find Page Layout
    • Enable Single Column view


    Download Large Files Only with Wi-Fi

    As you know, data services are more expensive than Wi-Fi services and if you want to pay less, you'd better use Wi-Fi for download large files. You can set Opera Mini to do it for you automatically, in case you forget it. Here are the simple steps to turn it on:

    • Go to Menu
    • Select Setting
    • Tap on Downloads
    • Choose Always Ask or Wait for Wi-Fi


    Reduce Image Quality to Save Data

    Well, one of the greatest data consumers are images and the higher quality they have, the more they use your data. If you want to reduce their quality to save data, follow these steps:

    • Go to Menu
    • Choose Data Saving
    • Tap on Images


    So, these are the Opera Mini tips and tricks on Android. It is one of the best browser apps for Android and you can get a more convenient use from it with these tips.

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