You might have heard the term “iOS” before, but you’re not sure what it means. iOS is the Apple operating system. It runs on devices like iPhones, iPads, and more.

The iOS system works very well, and so do the devices you can get that run it. If you're considering purchasing a new smartphone, tablet, or laptop soon, you may want to go with an Apple one that runs this operating system. We’ll talk about a few reasons why right now.

You Can Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication on Them

Security matters a great deal when you’re talking about your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other internet-enabled device. You only want authorized individuals to be able to access your features, and that’s probably just you. If you need someone else to use your phone or tablet temporarily, you can unlock it yourself, then hand it over to them.

Multi-factor authentication is quite useful, and it’s easy to set it up on your iOS device. You might have a passcode for your iPhone or iPad, but you can also set up facial recognition. This way, you have two factors keeping anyone unauthorized from accessing your private information.

iOS Devices Keep Their Resale Value Very Well

You might also think about the eventual resale value when you look at getting a new tablet, smartphone, or desktop. You may decide to go with an Apple product that runs iOS because you know that when the moment comes to sell it or trade it in, the resale value should be better than what you’ll get with something else, like an Android.

The money you can get back when you decide to go with a different device should help you purchase it. As long as you kept the old device in good condition, you should see a great return rate, provided you don’t keep the device for a decade or more. If the technology is so outdated, even the excellent Apple return rate won’t be worth all that much to you at that point.

You Don’t Have to Learn a New Operating System

If you get one iOS-enabled device, it makes sense that you will get another when the time comes. You’ll rarely have someone who dislikes Apple products so much they’ll switch over to Android.

When you go from one Apple device to another, you’ll find the same iOS features. The operating features you’ll get on an iPhone are the same ones you’ll see on a Mac or iPad.

This is helpful because if you know the operating system basics, they never change very much. There are frequent updates, but they’re not so dramatic that you’ll have to spend hours or days learning all the new features. You can quickly catch up any time an update occurs.

The Updates Are Easy

Getting an iOS device also makes sense because when you do, you can complete any updates that come out very easily. All you have to do is check for updates, or you can tell the device to install them automatically.

When you do that, the device will download any changes when you plug it into a power source. When you wake up the following morning, an update will be there on your device, and you can go about your day with no issues. You can explore the new features or changes at your leisure.

iOS is the Most Easy-to-Use Interface

Many older individuals go with iOS devices because this is the easiest operating system to use. You might get one for your grandparent if they want a new smartphone, and they will probably have very few problems learning their way around the device.

UX is what tech people call how hard or easy it is to learn how to use a device or website. If you have an Android, the UX might not be as easy as you’d like. Apple created iOS because it is an intuitive system that almost anyone can use with no issues.

iOS devices are everywhere, and it’s not hard to see why. Once you have one and learn how to use iOS within a few minutes of playing around, you’ll likely stick with Apple products from that point forward.

Also, you can sync up all your iOS devices, so you can have the same information on one as you do on another. This can allow you to do some work when you’re away from the office if that appeals to you.