If you are a music lover, you must have installed Spotify on your device, because it's the best place to discover music. Spotify hidden features on Android will be introduced today; so, you will get familiar with some handy features you might not use. Spotify is one of the best Android music apps, and all the various playlists and different ways to access music in it, not only makes it very easy to find new artists and songs but also you can find the most recent music released by your favorite artist. If you want to know some more ways to access music on Spotify Android app, here are the tips.


Discover Weekly

If you're not much interested in the playlists offered by Spotify itself, you might have neglected the playlist Discover Weekly but it's a great way to find your favorite music. Every Monday, Spotify offers you different songs in this playlist and the interesting thing about it is that all the songs are based on your music taste. Not all the Android music apps care about your music taste this much. To follow this playlist, you can go to the offered playlists by Spotify Android app or search it in the search bar.


Access to Your History

Sometimes we come across a great song and forget to add it to our library and after some time, we remember it and want it back. There is a way to find the songs you've previously listened to and it's going to your Spotify history. You just need to install the app on desktop and login with your own a ccount and then, click on the hamburger icon the lower right hand. It will bring the complete history of your activity on Spotify and you can find any song you've listened to.


Directly Add Music from Shazam to Spotify

Shazam is one of the famous Android music apps that recognizes a song that is playing somewhere but you don't know the name. A great service you can use from it is that you can directly go to the song in Spotify Android app and add to your library. Next to play button in Shazam, tap on the arrow next to play button and select Spotify to be directed to the app.


Recover a Deleted Playlist

If you have deleted a Spotify playlist accidentally and don't remember its name, you don't need to worry. You can recover it by going to your account page in the browser, choosing Recover Playlists and finding the playlist you want to restore.


Private Listening Session

Well, if you don't like others to know what you're listening to on Spotify, you can enable Private Listening Session and no one will know. You can go to file menu and choose private listening session on the drop down menu and listen to your music privately.


So, these are the Spotify hidden features on Android. You can use them to find new music more efficiently and keep them properly in your library.

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