All of the phones and tablets can work well for a few years and after that, they start malfunctioning. These 5 things to do with old Android device will help you make use of them and you won't have to throw them away. You can turn these old devices into other tools. For example, we'll tell you how to turn your Android device into a security camera or use your Android device as wireless mouse for PC. If you still want to make use of your old Android device, stay with us and keep on reading to the end.


Turn it into a Home Media Controller

Most of us know that we can use our Android device as a remote control but how many of us use this feature? Anyhow, we can use our old Android device to do this. We can use it to control TV, iTunes, DVD player, and Kodi/XMBC with Retune, Unified Remote, PowerDVD Remote and Yaste.


Use it as a Digital Photo Frame

You can buy an inexpensive stand and plug your device in and use your phone as a cloud connected photo frame. You just need to install Dayframe and it will connect to multiple services like

Instagram, Facebook and other services and show the photos in slideshow. You can also choose to see the public pictures related to your interests too.


Turn Your Android Device into Security Camera

Well, this one can help you keep an eye on your home while you're away. Apps like SilentEye Home Security Alarm and Home Security Surveillance will detect any movements in your home and if it senses any intruders, it will SMS or Email you right away. This is how you turn your Android device into security camera and well and actually, it's a great way to use your old Android device.


Use it to Control Your PowerPoint Presentation

It's another great way to use your old device. When you have more control over your presentation, you'll be more concentrated and you'll have a great presentation at last. You can use Presentation link and Office Remote to do this. To know more, check out our article about PowerPoint presentation remote app.


Use Your Android Device as Wireless Mouse

An old Android device can be a good alternative for a wireless mouse for PC. It will be a great experience to have a mobile shaped mouse that has a touchscreen. You can use apps like Remote Link and Gmote 2.0 to do it.


Well, this is it: things to do with old Android device. We told you that you could use your Android device as Wireless mouse, PowerPoint presentation controller, security camera, digital photo frame, home media controller. Now you know how to use your old phone.

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