You’ll be excused for thinking that life would not be the same without our smartphone. Today, the mobile phone has reached an envious cult status and, like an added limb to our body, we cannot quite imagine what life would be like without it. Studies have found that we touch our smartphones around 2,617 times a day, most of the times unconsciously. Which is why we may be surprised at the large number figured here.


Most of us use our phone in a number of ways, especially since it has unequivocally moved away from just being a means of communication. Imagine you’re stuck at the dentist and forgot your book behind you. Your only other means to pass the time (not considering taking up the medical leaflets lying next to you, which you may be inclined to read through) is with your phone. Below, we’re going to list the many options one has when it comes to using the Android phone in a fun, perhaps productive way to spend the time – without it necessarily having been wasted.


Learn something new!

The world of apps today is truly wondrous. Play Store is brimming with genuine, educational apps which you can download to better make use of idle time. Doulingo is a popular language-learning app which teaches through bite-sized lessons and is entirely free of charge. Through gamification, they take the user through a series of races to earn points and level-up. There are also a number of apps aimed at improving your pronunciation, perfect for people who have just moved abroad and need to hone their speaking skills. If you’re a fan of TED talks, why not download their app? You can browse through thousands of videos and if anything sparks your interest, simply stream it online. Waiting time has never yielded so much wisdom.


Organise yourself                                                                                                                                    

Do you recall the last time you actually sat down and organised your to do lists, scheduled your calendar for the next few days or just generally caught up with all the little things which seem to slip through cracks during the week? Why not take the time to do it while you’re waiting for something else to happen, or during your commute? Your Android comes already packed with Apps which can help you get organised and be more productive. Keep for example, allows you to store checklists with images while letting you prioritise lists over others and setting alarms for those which need a gentle reminder to be done. There a number of other apps you can check out. Evernote is a very powerful tool, similar to a notebook but with cool digital features. You can share notebooks with colleagues or friends, attach receipts or invoices and take photos of important bills you wish to store. All of them can be synced across your Android devices so you can keep abreast of all that’s been done – and all that still needs doing.


Get some fun out of it

If you don’t feel like exerting your mental capacity too much, your Android phone can also provide you with innumerable ways to entertain yourself. Apps like 9GAG are the source of all the cat memes you would ever wish to see, while TheLADBible is your one stop-shop for anything which has gone viral during the week and which you might have missed. Games like Candy Crush and Pokemon Go may have lost their allure recently but some still find them totally addictive. There are also some seriously cool apps with fantastic storylines for the adventurer in all of us. Gambling related apps like bingo or the slots never go out of fashion. If you’re feeling particularly lucky, why not try your hand at one of them? Who knows, you might remember your waiting time at the dentist for very different reasons than those you entered with. If that’s still not good enough…


…Go with something which is plain silly

If you don’t mind the strange looks other people next to you might give you, why not try one of these fun apps which change your voice for example, or which show how you’ll look when you’re 80 (and probably had enough of silly apps). Both can be found on Play Store and are guaranteed to make time fly by. In fact, you’ll be sitting on the dentist’s chair sooner than you’d like…


There are a million and one ways to entertain yourself using your Android phone. From streaming your favourite music, to downloading an e-book or the digital version of your favourite magazines, our phone can be the source of hours of fun whatever your area of interest. We encourage every user to read the reviews from other users prior to downloading any app as these provide unbiased opinions from people like you. Check for updates frequently too, as these very often improve the user’s experience. One last word of advice: do remember to switch off every now and again. Today, being offline is the new luxury and we should all make time for it when we can.