How do you usually find a piece of new music to listen to? Browsing through the Spotify’s endless playlists in different genres and moods is probably your first choice. And YouTube Music is your second choice. Isn’t it?

Well, if you aren’t one of the mentioned types of users or you are just tired of listening to the ads while playing music, we have a new offer for you. 50Artists50States is a free music app for Android that enables you to listen to the unsigned artists without having to worry about a monthly subscription or annoying ads. It’s a music player that only helps such artists get discovered, but it also enables you to listen to some decent music from your favorite genres.


Discover new unsigned artists, listen to free music and even get paid!

You can create a playlist and add your favorite songs and artists to your playlist. There is also the option to share your playlist with other people and connect to your favorite artists through their social media channels.

You can even get paid! It’s a free music player app that pays you. According to the developers, once you listen to a certain number of songs, you are eligible to get cash rewards.


Is 50Artists50States really worth a try?

Well, like always, since this music player is totally free to use without even any das, there is no harm giving it a try. If you are one of those who care about the quality of the song more than the making artist, 50Artists50States is a must-have music player app for you. Although the names and artists are not very well-known, the quality of available songs is really high and after a few hours of listening, you will find yourself trying to create a playlist and put in the repeat mode.

You can download this free music app from the Google Play Store completely for free.