The majority of people use smartphones and tablets to access the internet. From scheduling to organizing and playing to streaming, smartphones have given easy access, portability, and convenience to the people all around the globe.

However, at times we often face problems with the internet such as slow speed, consumption of data, and much more. If you own an Android phone, you may find some widgets on Play Store to help you improve the performance of the internet, organize your tasks as well as device management. Let’s take a look at some of the best widgets for Android to improve internet performance and other functionalities such as battery timing, closing background apps, and much more.

Data Counter Widget

Almost every one of us uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. And in the case of an Android device, you don’t have any other option. Some internet service providers often limit the data caps. In case you exceed the data, you will face a throttle in internet speed. Moreover, you also need to buy additional data for some bucks. But that is not the case when it comes to Spectrum internet packages. You get unlimited data on all of its plans.  

The data counter widget is a handy widget that you should install right now especially if you have limited data allowance. The widget allows you to track network traffic you are using while playing games, streaming Netflix, or surfing the web. You can add the widget to your home screen and track historical data usage, device data usage, and app data usage.

The Battery Reborn Widget

We are often glued to our smartphones and other smart devices. Streaming, gaming, surfing, and socializing drains the battery very quickly. Moreover, the heating issue is a common norm especially if you are using it for hours.

The Battery Reborn Widget is a perfect solution to help you manage your battery and heating issues. The widget comes in two versions. The circle configuration can be set up to display the remaining battery time and temperature. Moreover, you can also access the chart to know battery usage over time. It will help you determine which apps drain the battery quickly.

World Clock Widget

If you have been working remotely, the tracking time of different zones is quite difficult. However, the World Clock Widget is a perfect widget for remote workers and freelancers. The widget displays date and time in various cities and time zones.

You can even customize the clock according to your convenience. Also, the World Clock Widget allows you to manage the schedule of your meetings. The widget allows you to stay organized and manage your time effectively.

SearchBar Ex

With so many search engines available, it is difficult for web surfers to switch between one to another. SearchBar Ex comes to rescue web surfers to access search engines all from one place. With this widget, you can search for anything right from your home screen. Moreover, the widget is customizable to create your search bar.

SearchBar Ex allows you to search on different portals including Bing, Amazon, Google Images, DuckDuckGo, Google, Yahoo, Evernote, Google Maps, and contact app. The widget also allows you to do voice search without moving a finger.


We all need to take a screenshot to share it with our friends, peers, and clients. WebSnap makes it super easy to capture a screenshot of any web page and show it on your home screen with customizable refresh interval.

If you work remotely and want to show some statistics from the web to your client, just install this widget. Share any piece of news, sporting event, or a video screenshot right from your home screen.

Live Internet Speed Monitor with Usage History

When surfing, streaming, socializing, or gaming, we all face the speed issue at some point. Keeping track of your internet speed is difficult when you are using a mobile. But not anymore when you have Live Internet Speed Monitor installed that displays the network speed as a floating overlay. Moreover, it also displays the usage history to keep track of your data limits.

Live Internet Speed Monitor isn’t limited to displaying internet speed but also allows you to track internet usage in previous months, years, days, and weeks. You can also customize the date and time range to get an idea about internet usage in the past.

Summing Up

Keeping yourself organized and your phone in optimal condition, these widgets are quite helpful and free of charge. Install them and let us know any other widget that you like the most.