A laptop is an indispensable tool for students. An effective learning process is unthinkable without a device that helps students manage their academic workload. The spread of online and hybrid modes of learning has all but reinforced the need for quality laptops. Statistics show that 95 percent of undergraduate students own laptops. 

Students need to set up laptops before the start of each academic year to make sure they are ready to deal with school requirements. These requirements change from year to year, so it’s important to have your laptop set so as to meet the changing specifications. Keep scrolling to learn 6 easy ways to get ready for your next school year.

Organizing your files and folders
You must have saved lots of files on your computer. Over the summer, the number might have increased exponentially with lots of new pictures and videos. Sounds familiar? Do you find it difficult to navigate the maze which you created yourself? The time is now to get a handle on this mess.

First of all, delete files that you don’t need or that you’ll never use. That will free up a lot of space. Use cloud-based storage to free up even more space. Avoid piling up files on your desktop; this will slow down your device. Create a list of folders with snappy titles that will ease your search later. Choose a method by which you will organize folders. You can go by class or by type. 

Clearing space
Take further steps to free up space. You can do this both manually and automatically. You can go to Settings to delete Temporary Files. Go through the files and delete the redundant ones. These may include Delivery Optimization Files, Temporary Files, Thumbnails, Temporary Windows, installation files, System created Windows Error Reporting Files, Temporary Internet Files, and Previous Windows installations.

To automate the process, you need to click Configure Storage Sense or run it now option. You can choose the frequency of automatic clearing of unnecessary files from the Run Storage Sense drop-down menu. If you are short of time because of a busy college schedule, consider using essay writing for hire to ease the burden. Let professional writers take care of your assignment in line with your tutor's requirements and to t he highest academic standards.

Downloading task management tools 
With lots of tasks and assignments, tracking them all in an orderly fashion can be a tall order. At times, it may become simply impossible to stay on top of things. You should definitely consider using task management apps as your reliable aids.

Luckily, there are several well-tested tools available online. Trello helps track projects; Todoist makes more sense for task management; RescueTime is known to improve productivity; Habitica turns your management of to-do lists into a fun experience. Learn more about these tools and pick the one that meets your needs best.

Getting rid of unnecessary apps
You need to remove non-essential apps from your laptop. Games take up lots of space, so identify the games you no longer want to play. Get rid of them to ensure optimal performance of your laptop. You don’t want your laptop for online learning to let you down when you need it most. Some apps continue to run in the background, which becomes a major distraction. Select the apps you don’t need and simply uninstall them through Settings and Apps & Features.

Sorting out note-taking
You will be attending lots of classes, so you need to keep taking notes. And you need to keep track of your notes. No one likes a pile of notes on their desk when you can’t make heads or tails of them. To clear the mess, download some of the best note-taking apps that will help organize your notes. Evernote, Google Keep, and Apple Notes are all great options. 

Backing up
Create a complete backup to protect your files from hardware or software failures, viruses, or theft. The rule of thumb is to use a third-party tool because it is completely independent. No one can access it through the network. It is also best practice to store copies of your most important files in the cloud. The bottom line is to create multiple backups to safeguard yourself against different types of failures and attacks.

Final Thoughts
A laptop is an irreplaceable tool in the learning process. Make the most of its capabilities by setting it up before the start of your school year. Follow my recommendations to enjoy a learning process free of unnecessary disruptions.