Like all other professionals, writers need specific tools for chic writing. Students with their iPhone and iPad devices look for easy solutions to their writing issues for college assignments. For all of them, below are given 7 top iOS applications to make writing more satisfying and refined:


LivingWriter is one of the most popular writing apps among custom writing companies. The students use Google with a group of words like “write my essay in 24 hours” to discover a quick and reliable source for writing assistance. Therefore, the companies use up-to-the-mark and fast writing tools like Living Writer. Although this application is specifically designed for novel writers, the companies keep it an essential tool to tackle all story writing orders. It saves them many hours planning, plotting, creating, and setting their book or novella on order. The writers avail much of the assigned time to play with ideas and inspiration that formatting. Below are given the main features of LivingWriter, which are helpful for all story writers:

  • Living board to preview your story;
  • Automatically available story elements suggestions, and brilliant ideas;
  • Availability of night mode to let you hassle-freely focus on your task at late hours;
  • Automatic storage of updated files whenever your device gets unintended shutdowns;
  • And attention to writing goals and deadlines.


Ulysses is one of the latest and basic writing apps for iPhone, iPad, and mac. It has lots of markdown formatting features to fix your draft quickly. Especially if you are a short-story writer, this app is for you as it grants the facility to shuffle around various scenes in seconds. With its user-friendly interface, even the junior students feel comfortable. Below are given its unique features that have made iOS writers fall in love with the app:

  • Its focus booster interface keeps your productivity switched on. As a result, you feel stuck to your plan without additional stress;
  • It is suitable for all project sizes with multiple options to manage different types and sizes of documents;
  • You can edit the text to proofread and make tweaks without an additional text editor or app extension to your browser;
  • Ulysses lets you switch your iOS files into eye-catching PDF or Word files in a few seconds.

All in all, whatever type of writer you are, Ulysses can boost your creativity with a welcome to great text editing and formatting options.


When novel writing becomes a challenge, you need Werdsmith to cater you all your writing needs. It does not exploit your energy to create novel ideas. Instead, it drains out your confusion to let your mind produce originality and perfection. Furthermore, they claim that Werdsmith provides an inspiring writing studio so that you may enjoy story writing with professional story suggestions. For example, if you give the application the names of your characters and the location of your story, it will begin suggesting other story elements. Also, the software designer has introduced another feature, “Ghostwriter,” with the improved facility to create and organize more writing styles. The refore, for the students searching for the best writing app for iPhone or iPad to compose a story for a college assignment, Werdsmith comes at the top. It lets you unlock creativity by removing all story plotting and formatting confusion.


When writers explore assisting tools, they might need various types of help. For example, drafting, formatting, and editing are not all writers or college students looking for. Instead, they may need enhanced security to their written content on several grounds. The writing application designers manufacture all tools to meet all writing requirements. Spaces is an application with exceptional safety tools that grants something beyond plotting, formatting, and organizing your text. It quickly integrates Markdown in files and conceals your words in the file just by zipping your cursor away. You can surprise your friends with the magic the same way you got astonished on using it for the first time. Nobody will see your notes or any information composed or stored by you. Hence, all data is secured, and you can update it anytime you wish. Shortly, when attempting to organize files on your iPhone around your friends and colleagues, Spaces is a must have app as it keeps your information safe and hidden whenever you remove your cursor from the text.


Grammarly is the best writing app for writers of all types using any device because it operates with multiple operating systems. Once you have done drafting, Grammarly is enough to proofread and ensure the quality of your work. In addition, the students can get utmost peace of mind by running Grammarly on their tasks before final submissions to their professors. It detects grammatical, spelling, readability, preposition, article, punctuation, and sentence structure mistakes with suggestions to improve your text. Also, the writers cultivate their skills when they keep Grammarly in use because it highlights their errors in all files.


The Paper app can save you hours to stay in creative flow when sketching, drawing, or painting. The text editor for iPhone keeps your mind focused on drawing with simple and accessible options. Although many other drawing applications for iOS are available on the app store, they can distract you from work with their countless confusing editing options. With the Paper app, draw, collage, and color with the power of your imaginations, and hit the sketching goals in minimum time. That is why this application is a favorite among drawing students, who need fast and trustworthy assistance to complete their assignments with short deadlines. 

Apple Notes

Notes is another one of the most popular writing ios apps with its handy facility to capture your fleeting thoughts. When you are working on a project, all ideas coming to your mind at any instant can be stored on notes with quick editing. It lets you save words, lines, sketches, images, links, references, and much more. By keeping all your devices connected with iCloud, you can instantly share stored ideas with multiple devices. Thus, completing your assignments with original content becomes more accessible and faster. Furthermore, as the data moves around your iOS devices, you can join ideas to create a masterpiece like an essay, story, manuscript, and beyond. In a nutshell, Apple Notes allows the students to accomplish their homework with various ideas at different times, saving much time.

Many other writing applications are available for iOS writers on the app store. All of them have bright and dark sides. Of course, the above-given applications also have their drawbacks, but you will feel satisfied by how they assist you in writing, composing, sketching, painting, and combining ideas.