We are a couple of days away from Halloween 2013 and everyone is now talking about, trick or treating, pumpkins, horror movies, how to scare friends, stories about ghost, scary makeups, and most importantly this year’s Halloween costume.

In this AW Center article we review 8 best Android apps for Halloween 2013 to let you costume and dress up your device Halloweeny!!


Halloween Live Wallpaper

The first thing you need to do to feel your device like Halloween, is installing one of the many Halloween Wallpaper apps available on the Google Play. The main objective of these Live Wallpapers is to make your home screen scary by using spooky houses, low lights, some ghosts and maybe some bloods.

Halloween Live Wallpaper does its best to add a scary theme to your device by including a “a nightmarish scene during a rain and lightning storm at night, outside a spooky house where the lights never stay on for long” and we believe it does it best.


 If you are looking for more fun Halloween live wallpaper, we recommend Halloween Live Wallpaper Free which lets you “smash, vampire smile, flying witch, Halloween castle - horror and fun”.


Halloween Ringtones

The next thing your Android phone needs for Halloween is some scary ringtones and notification sounds.  Available Halloween ringtones Android apps usually include collection of scary sounds, creepy laughs, vampire tune, exorcist theme, warewolf, Friday the 13th, panic scream, evil/demon laugh and other scary and frightening sounds. You can use these sounds as ringtone, alarm tone, or notification sounds.

Halloween Ringtones 2013 is one of the best Android apps for Halloween ringtones which offers “100 most popular Halloween Ringtones for the free”.


Scare Your Friends - SHOCK!

Now it’s time to scare your friends. What you need to do is install Scare Your Friends, choose a scary picture as well as a sound, set a time to activate the application afterward, and hand over your phone to your friends. As soon as the given time is passed, the chosen picture appears automatically on the screen, and you can imagine how your friend will look like.


Add Some Ghosts to Your Pictures

These days one of the reasons to attend to a party is taking some photos and sharing them on social networks, like Facebook or Instagram. GhostCam: Spirit Photography is a photography application for Android which lets you take some ghost photographs by adding lots of ghost pictures available on the app. You can create some unique ghost pictures with available tools, and if you do your job perfectly it sure scare the hack out of your friends.


Costumes for Halloween

What to choose as this year’s Halloween costume? And what would you like to be this year? Costumes for Halloween answers these 12 questions, by suggesting different costumes as you shake your phone. The application’s database has not been updated since Halloween 2012 but it still offers some costumes, hard to resist.


Android Halloween Games

Halloween Games offers 7 different games for Halloween which are: Jigsaw Puzzle, Shape Puzzle, Connect the Dot, Memory Game, Advanced Memory Game, Scratch game and Pumpkin Decoration. These games are designed for kids and can entertain them for a couple of hours with some fun and learning exercises.

If you are looking for some endless, addictive Android Games for Halloween, you may want to try the Halloween edition of Coin Dozer: Coin Dozer Halloween.


Happy Halloween!